Samsung opens three new global AI centers in the UK, Canada and Russia.

Research, Samsung (Samsung Research) center of excellence for research and development of innovative edge. As part of Samsung’s product creation business. Electronics Announcing the opening of three new artificial intelligence centers in Cambridge, England (22 May), Toronto, Canada (24 May) and Moscow, Russia (29 May) to strengthen their capabilities. Samsung’s development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, including seeking more concrete application practices based on the needs of the users.

Samsung Research plays a pivotal role in leading the global expansion of artificial intelligence capabilities with Samsung’s latest advancements. And also expanded this AI expertise network With the creation of a new artificial intelligence center.

Samsung Research was responsible for the establishment of an artificial intelligence center in Seoul last November and Silicon Valley in January. 

With the opening of the three new artificial intelligence centers. Samsung Research will have five artificial intelligence centers under management around the world. Up to approximately 1,000 people worldwide by 2020 to bring as many the world’s leading artificial intelligence experts in the organization.

Mr. Kim Hyun Suk, President and Head of Samsung Research, said during the opening ceremony of the Artificial Intelligence Center in Cambridge: “Samsung has a long history of commitment to innovation. We are delighted to continue this commitment. Including technological leadership to the development of artificial intelligence. With the opening of a new artificial intelligence center and a selection of leading experts in the field to attend. We aim to push the organization to become the world’s major transformational artificial intelligence industry. “

Leading personnel in the artificial intelligence field that will run the new center.

The leader of Samsung’s new artificial intelligence center in Cambridge is Andrew Blake, who served as director of Microsoft’s Cambridge Laboratory. And pioneered the development of theories and algorithms that transform computers to behave like machines with a mechanical brain. In collaboration with prominent experts in the field, such as Professor Maja Pantich (Imperial College), Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence Center at Cambridge, will play a pivotal role in Samsung Research’s high-level AI technology research.

Said Andrew Blake, leader of the new Samsung Artificial Intelligence Center in Cambridge. “This new center represents our commitment to advancing artificial intelligence technology. Research here will provide us with a greater understanding of human behavior. Including research studies on topics such as emotional recognition And expanding the scope of user-centered communication To be able to develop AI technology that will truly enhance the lives of people “

Samsung’s artificial intelligence center in Toronto will be led by Dr. Larry Heck, senior vice president of Samsung Research America (SRA), an expert in virtual personal assistant technology. It also leads Samsung Research America’s Artificial Intelligence Center, the Toronto Artificial Intelligence Center will focus on research at the core of artificial intelligence technology by building strategic partnerships with leading Canadian universities.

The artificial intelligence center of Samsung in Moscow. It is expected to make use of Russian expertise in mathematics, physics and other basic sciences. The plan is to work with AI experts such as Professor Dmitry Vetrov (Graduate Institute of Economics National Research University) and Professor Viktor Lempitsky (Schlkowo Institute of Science and Technology) to lead the Center’s high-level research on artificial intelligence algorithms here.

The key to driving Samsung’s vision of artificial intelligence.

Samsung’s artificial intelligence vision focuses on five key factors to drive research. With artificial intelligence “User-centric” meets specific needs with a variety of interfaces. Along with “Always learning” through continuous learning from information itself must be “always ready” (Always there) as a comprehensive service, including “Always helpful” by reducing User intervention and response to commands

It is also “Always safe” to ensure security and privacy. Focusing on these five key researches, new artificial intelligence centers It can take advantage of the state-of-the-art research environment and the expertise of regional researchers to take Samsung’s artificial intelligence capabilities to the next level.

With ongoing initiatives such as the organizing of the artificial intelligence forum last year. Samsung has worked closely with well-known AI experts to prepare research bases in all areas of expertise. This includes the East Coast of the United States with exceptional potential in this area.

For many years to come Internet of Things (IoT) devices with artificial intelligence technology. It will create massive databases that can provide in-depth details about the lives of users. Also can enables people to benefit from intelligent services evolving to meet individual behavior and needs. 

The most efficient AI-enabled devices will be a key factor in the success of AI technology in the near future. To deliver a user-centric ecosystem Samsung aims to build an artificial intelligence platform under the same structure. That not only grows rapidly. But also provides an understanding of the most profound contexts and behaviors. This will help to make artificial intelligence more important and useful to people’s daily lives.