4 China Digital Marketing Trends Know before you go into the Chinese online market!

Why is the Chinese market trend ? It may be a question that arises in many people. Although actually Thailand is trading with many countries But we are not very interested in the trends occurring in that country. Unlike China That is because Digital Marketing  in China is not like any other nation in the world.

As you know, platforms familiar to the world like Google or Facebook do not work in China. Because the government wants to control information in the online world to create orderly and not illegal But another important reason comes from the behavior of the Chinese themselves.

The  CEO of   AVG Thailand   Co., Ltd. specializes in digital marketing in China. The subsidiary company, Y. M Thailand, Ltd. that occurred with two primary reasons.

1. Chinese culture has more than 5,000 years of individuality, thus mixing new and old. Including the size of a large country Therefore not only one culture The thinking of the Chinese people is so complicated.

2. The development of the Internet in China is unlike any other. For example, in Thailand, it will start from desktop and notebook, then it will become a smartphone. If China has made the leap to become a smartphone Since being able to produce smartphones by themselves

” People who contact businesses will ask for an E-mail, but for Chinese people will ask for WwChat instead. This is a behavior that is rarely seen in other countries of the world. “

And from the reasons mentioned above Has made Digital Marketing  not able to use the formula that has been achieved in other countries. You can use it here. And is the origin of “4 China Digital Marketing Trends” as follows

1.Social Commerce See ordered to pay after graduation in Social Media.

In China, e-commerce and social media are one and the same. Different from Thailand and America So here, the word “Social Commerce” is a trend that must be watched.

The reason for that is because in Thailand If we buy products that are posted on IG, they will take a picture and talk to the seller through LINE, if agreeing to buy, they will have to transfer via mobile banking. But for China, especially “WeChat” has passed this point.

Because the WeChat platform is not only able to chat. If it’s also social media and e-payment That means When viewing and like, you can order and pay right away on the web. Without having to change and change

It is reported that in 2017 users WeChat up to 31% with the purchase of WeChat by current WeChat users in China, 900 million people from the whole 1300-1400 million.

” Like Thailand, buying products in online channels Still concentrated in the big city Unlike in China in that Even the elderly have shopping habits online. Able to access the Internet “

Another platform that has been popular with Chinese people is equally “Weibo” , which is similar to Twitter , where restrictions can post up to 140 characters, you will read a lot more than that to press Readmore which most often. Will rarely press If you really don’t care about that message Including the nature of the news distribution that is fast but not in depth

What can be done in Weibo is to open an Official Account that will receive a Verified Mark that is different from the Account by which you can make a banner and click to the e-commerce website to order.

2. The phenomenon of “Social Search”

In Thailand, we are familiar with the term Search Engines. If what happened in China is different, because in the past two years, the first thing that comes even more first is the term “Social Search” , with the prediction of 2018. This will be the first year that the number of Social Search surpasses Search Engines.