Dentist recommended ‘Dry brush’ gets 100% fluoride, preventing tooth decay better than rinse with water.

Dentist recommended ‘Dry brush’ gets 100% fluoride, preventing tooth decay better than rinse with water.

Prof. Dr. Suda Duang Krisdapong, Lecturer of the Department of Community Dentistry Chulalongkorn University A researcher on dry brushing was interviewed with workpointTODAY that teachers do research on quality of life Then found that tooth decay had the greatest impact on life and quality of life. Shame not dare to smile Some people are teased by their friends, their teeth are bad, their mouths are bad, their teeth are decayed for a long time and their mouths become bad. It is a distraction in many areas of life rather than a constant distraction. In addition, the rinse after brushing your teeth. This reduces the effectiveness of the fluoride in toothpaste in preventing tooth decay a lot. Therefore, the best way is to dry brush.

Sugar is the only cause of tooth decay.

The main cause, in fact, is the only cause that can be said to be sugar. Consuming too much or too much sugar It was discovered that tooth decay was a common epidemic after the emergence of the sugar industry Especially after the process of processed food Marshmallow Chocolate bar This sweet drink is so staple that tooth decay has become an epidemic of humanity. Recommendation to eat no more than 25 grams of sugar per person per day, but Thai people eat 104 grams per person per day, 4 times higher than the criteria, so it is no surprise that tooth decay is an epidemic And it’s not just tooth decay. Teacher gives a pack: fat, stupid, diabetes, pressure Tooth decay plus old withered If you can only cut sugar from drinks You will lose a lot.

Brush dry teeth, get 100% full fluoride, reduce tooth decay more.

Wet brushing reduces the effectiveness of tooth decay, and you are trying to use toothpaste that contains fluoride. Already useful But you washed it all away. If we do not rinse it or brush it dry. Full max fluoride, 100 percent. If we just rinse only 1 time, halved 50 percent, rinse 2 times, down 1 in 4 to 25 percent. He said that down to 10 times is not left. Brush and should not eat or drink anything for at least half an hour. Therefore, it is easy to squeeze the toothpaste into the brush. Brush it. As soon as the brush is finished, it spit out the bubbles. You don’t need to rinse your mouth and rinse your mouth.

Spit don’t rinse is the world’s accepted dental caries solution.

The main keyword that is commonly used is Spit don’t rinse, if translated into Thai, it is spit or spit out with bubbles. And do not rinse with water A lot of research. It has existed since 1980, and every research has been consistent. And examining the tooth structure, looking at the amount of fluoride in the saliva Including in-person testing He invited experts around the world to a meeting, bringing together research evidence in 2012, and unanimously concluded that Spit don’t rinse or dry brush was recommended to the public. Therefore now it is an accepted advice. And then spread it to the people of the world

The compounds in toothpaste are Food Grade. Can swallow toothpaste is not dangerous.

Toothpaste, he said Spit don’t rinse don’t swallow, can’t eat it. You use the saliva to rinse it out, but the little bit of it left is harmless. SLS is a foaming agent. Cleaning agent In food, use it to mix the fat and water. It makes the cleaning in the mouth clean up. All the ingredients in toothpaste, including the feared SLS, are food grade. Or pharmaceutical grade It is a grade used in oral medicine and in food. So all of these have been calculated and controlled to be limited to a limited amount.

Easy brushing, less cavities, better quality of life.

Is now a dentist working in the provinces and other provinces Many provinces The brush has dried the entire province. As I said that if people who have actually touched the mouth of the provinces Will find that a lot of tooth decay and a lot of problems with life Many dentists buy dry brushes without hesitation. Because it felt that it was an easy way Not the most wasteful Best suited to life style And do the whole province It prevents tooth decay. No need to pay anything more. The easiest way to do it yourself throughout your life. And I have to invite each other to do the whole family. I want to gradually practice into a new culture of Thai people in a few more than 10 years in the future, less tooth decay, the quality of life is definitely better.