Desert Cemetery Final destination of “Passenger plane” in the crisis from COVID-19 travel

Aviation is one of the businesses most affected by the COVID-19 situation. Most business one Because of closing the border Travel restrictions are another way to stop the spread of COVID-19.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) statistics, there are over 7.5 million flights. It was canceled between January and July, causing airlines worldwide to lose more than US $ 8.4 billion, or about 2.6 trillion baht.

The COVID-19 situation in this case has a serious impact on the aviation business. There must be a passenger plane parked idle. They did not fly over 14,000 aircraft in April compared to 1,900 in January. Although in the past there have been events that affect the airline business as well. But it does not affect the aviation business this much Like the 911 sabotage in 2001, about 13% of passenger planes were parked, while the 2008 economic crisis had 11% of planes idle.

Desert Cemetery Final destination of passenger aircraft

When a flight is canceled Various planes Not put into use The solution used by airlines around the world is to take a passenger plane to the plane cemetery.  Whether it is temporarily parked, waiting for the day to return to service again. Permanently parked, waiting for the sale date to other airlines Interested in buying more or can cut separate parts for use in other aircraft Most of the plane cemeteries are located in the desert. Both in the United States, Spain and Australia.

The reason for having to take a passenger plane to leave in the desert plane cemetery It is because the desert is a suitable place for both temperature and humidity not to destroy parts of aircraft.

Airlines, Singapore Airlines decided to bring the aircraft Airbus A380 aircraft to 29 aircraft to leave the park at the cemetery in the desert. In Australia, where the A380 is one of the most affected aircraft. Because the number of passengers has decreased considerably Much different from the previously anticipated passenger numbers, in addition to the Airbus A380, Singapore Airlines chose to park around 30% of the other aircraft and to use the remaining 30% on its cargo flight alone (Cargo).

It has to be parked for a fee. I do not park for free.

However, the aircraft landed in the cemetery. No, it will not cost anything. Because in fact Bringing 1 aircraft to land and leave It costs approximately US $ 5,000 per month or about 156,000 baht, including when wanting to bring the plane back to service again. That plane goes through maintenance. And test it first.

Even though now It seems that the situation in the aviation business has improved. Because on the 17th of July the past More than 34,800 flights are currently flying in the sky. With over 10,000 planes, there are still more than a third of all airliners worldwide, or approximately 7,600 aircraft, still left in the cemetery.

Aviation Business Challenges

Effects of the COVID-19 situation Became a crisis of the aviation business With the continuously decreasing number of passengers. Although some countries have already started domestic flights. But it still cannot be compared with the number of passengers at regular intervals. The passenger plane landed in the desert cemetery. Thus becoming the best solution at the moment. Because even though having to pay for the plane to park But airlines still have a choice. To bring that aircraft back into service When the world entered its normal situation again .