Shining direction in aviation and tourism business after the end of COVID 19

The situation of the coronavirus outbreak affects the world. Especially in the airline and tourism business Has been hit very hard Some of them have to declare bankruptcy or liquidate the business. In Thailand, you can see that airlines Need to reduce costs and take emergency measures in order to survive. The tourism business is the same. Marketing must be done to stimulate tourism for people to return. Let’s see that What will the airline and tourism business direction be after the end of COVID 19?

Various airlines Use the following measures to prevent and control disease in travel.

– Limit the number of seats to serve. Distribute tickets by providing at least 1 seat spaced between each passenger.
– Body temperature measurement using infrared thermometer. If the temperature is higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius, respiratory symptoms. If found to be at risk. Do not issue a boarding pass to that passenger.
– There is a measure to keep the distance of the passenger during the trip.
– Wear a mask. All the time from boarding until leaving the plane Without it and unable to provide Then proceed to the boarding passengers
– if the flight takes 90 minutes to two back row seats on either side of the aircraft. For isolating sick passengers or suspected of being ill to observe symptoms.

Airlines adjust strategy Attract passengers

After passing through COVID-19, various airlines must adjust strategies to attract passengers to return to the service as before Spacing. It may be another selling point that increases the confidence in the security of the user even more. Or may have a health check before every flight In the future.

Fewer passengers traveling for business

The Covid-19 crisis has reduced passenger numbers. Both from a group of tourists who have decreased And those traveling on business, such as to work, to meetings, or to negotiate business abroad. Companies have learned that they can negotiate business, hold meetings, or do some work online. There is no need for employees to travel abroad after COVID19, they will adjust their work methods or negotiate business online to save money. Causing many passengers to disappear.

Travel may not be the same again.

After the COVID-19 outbreak has passed, tourism activities will gradually return, but still cannot be reversed. Factors such as tourists are concerned because there is no vaccine against COVID-19 and the impact of people’s confidence in employment and weak purchasing power. After most of the economic activity is disrupted, however, it is expected that in the second half of 2020, operators will continue to market to stimulate tourism. It may be the attraction for more people to come and travel.

Thailand is the number 1 tourist destination that Chinese people want to visit the most.

The China Thailand Travel Sentiment Survey 2020 was conducted in mid-April 2020 by C9 Hotelworks and Delivering Asia Communications. It was found that 71% of Chinese consumers want to visit Thailand, which is the ranking. The Chinese people want to travel after the end of COVID 19 and the survey found that 53% of the respondents.Who are Chinese in the top cities. Want to travel abroad this year. The months they are aiming for the most are August, October and December.

Cleanliness – Safety ”is the key to tourism.

The pattern of the tourism industry that will change Not the same Cleanliness and safety It will get even more importance from tourists and entrepreneurs. And it will become a very basic requirement. In the future we may see restrictions on the number of people access to tourist attractions. the introduction of new regulations to visit various places. To reduce the concerns of travelers who are susceptible to the outbreak of the virus Causing operators to adjust Create confidence and impression on tourists.

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