New son Helped stimulate the British economy to recover.

The birth of the new son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Princess Katherine. The Duchess of Cambridge is not only good news for the Windsor and the British. It is reported that Businesses and brands in the UK are also looking forward to the third heir to the two heirs as they are expected to help stimulate a sluggish economy. Ready as a market opportunity for many products and services Not unlike Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s births in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

Light from the Little Prince to the British Brand

Over the past few years, the UK economy In particular, the UK is not doing well. Because consumer confidence has decreased in line with the average wages. Until the public has to save money Which negatively affects the economy and retail brands. But the situation is likely to improve, with brand consulting firm Brand Finance expecting. The new son will help stimulate the UK economy by around £ 50m (£ 2,200m) before he turns one year old, the brands that will benefit the most: Children’s products, hospitals, children’s toys and souvenirs. Including tourism, hotel and aviation businesses, which can produce Service or create a campaign associated with this son

The Center for Retail Research of England expects this little prince It will help boost sales of baby products and souvenirs totaling approximately US $ 67 million (approximately US $ 2,077 million), while British children’s retailer JoJo Maman Bebe focuses on the High End market, believes the new heir will boost the peak. It sells both local and newly opened US stores. Mothercare, a baby retail brand Another British brand hopes White, red, or blue children’s clothing – the same color as the British flag – will likely sell well.

Even being the third, but not because of the magical deterioration

In addition to being the fifth in the throne. Next to Prince Charles Prince william Prince Harry, Prince George and Princess Charlotte and Charlotte. This prince is also a deputy member of the royal family. On the merits of the economy of the motherland by Brand Finance indicated that economic growth of about 50 million pounds from the little prince. Less than both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, which are £ 75 and £ 100 million (£ 3,300 and £ 4,400 million) respectively.

However, the numbers are less than That doesn’t mean the news of the birth of the royal heir to the British royal family has mystified. Or less stimulating the economy Because usually girls get more attention than the boys already and was born not far from the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan McCormick Michael on May 19, which would have a positive effect on the economy is over.

Keep an eye on the name of the new prince

There is another ongoing movement of the little prince to be watched for. The British and people around the world are curious to know Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Which name to use to name the name of the son.  Most likely, Albert was the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s father before becoming King George VI and Arthur because of the king’s name. The legend of England, well known to everyone.

It is expected that when the British Royal Household announced the name of the little prince. The name will become the most popular British born boy name of 2018 just like George and Charlotte. Most popular the year Prince George and Charlotte were born / bbc, cnn, time, brandfinance .