COVID-19 hits operators&How many people work?

At that time, large organizations were the ones most affected by the impact.

But this COVID-19 affects every industry, whether it’s big business Or small, it all hit And small businesses, if the hemp line is not enough, it will be more affected.

And when it affects every industry That means the labor market in Thailand. 37.4 million employed people were also affected.

Because each organization Each company has to tighten their belts. Resulting in both temporary termination Salary cuts Or reached the closing stage.

So how does COVID-19 affect entrepreneurs and workers?

Pornladdadecharatwiboon Country Manager, JobsDB Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd., released statistics on the labor market from the impact of COVID-19. With the press through the zoom application

Labor side

During March and April, the job announcement was reduced. Especially in April, which is clearly declining Because during COVID-19 Each organization has a more diverse perspective. Accepting new hires is a matter of thinking more carefully. To have to look at the factors of both the economy Any concerns that exist, including considering the need for recruiting new hires

A survey of more than 1,400 workers and 400 companies found that one in four or 25% of workers were most directly affected by their job status.

9% are unemployed and 1 to 6 % has been stopped temporarily.

The most affected group is Employees belonging to the salary category less than 16,000 baht, are employed as contracts, are over 45 years old, and work for organizations with less than 50 employees.

Among those affected by COVIDs were those with salaries over 30,000 baht.

Pornladda also said that Even people over 45 are the most vulnerable. But these people still have the opportunity to be elected to work again. Because of the work experience that is more than a new graduate

And despite being fortunate not being dismissed Some employees who remain in work are also affected by their work and income.

  1. 48% were given to work from home or WORK FORM HOME
  2. 45% are affected by income
  3. – 27% did not receive the bonus
  4. – 20% does not adjust salary
  5. – 14% have been reduced their salary

Salary reduction 11-30% of income

These are all factors that affect happiness at work. And during COVID-19 How happy Thai workers were found that the happiness index of Thai workers before the COVID-19 outbreak was 85%.

And at the time of the epidemic it dropped to just 59%, and a threefold increase in unhappiness when switching to work from home, and 46% of workers said their hours worked.

1 in 3 workers work harder

1 in 4 workers experience more pressure from their supervisors.

Almost 1 in 2 workers have more hours worked.

Advertising staff Public relations work Including digital marketing E-Commerce Jobs And social media work It is a work group that works per day for a longer period of time when working at home as well.

Pornladda stated that JobsDB has been conducting a ‘Laws of Attraction’ (LOA) survey from December 19, 2019 to February 20, 2020 from more than 6,000 workers across Thailand.

The survey found that the first 3 factors that workers pay the most importance to when choosing a job are:

1. Salary / compensation.

2. Work stability

And 3. career advancement

Thai workers choose the highest percentage of work security in the survey of all six countries in Southeast Asia.

According to the answer, working security is 3 times more important than welfare, 2 times more important than the location of the workplace and 1.4 times more important than work-life balance.

Operator side

Pornladda gave the view that Entrepreneurs have to face challenges. Most operators have adjusted their implementation plan to adjust quite a bit because in the current situation, operators have to control expenses to reduce costs as much as possible.

In the matter of salary increase is not the same anymore. Must look long until the end of the year Because each organization itself is concerned that there may be a second wave of outbreaks. Do you have a vaccine? Including the current economic condition is really good?

It found that 52% encouraged their employees to work at home and 47% improved their employment policies. Among the employers who have adjusted their employment policies, 39% stopped hiring new employees and 12% cut their headcount.

Additionally, 37% of entrepreneurs will change their salary and compensation structure.

21% no salary adjustment

20% consider salary reduction measures

18% will refrain from paying the bonus.

What about the second half of the employment market?

Pornladda stated that after the lockdown began Some businesses are starting to make a comeback.JobsDB sees positive hiring from entrepreneurs reflected in the survey.

For the second half of 2020, 88% of the vast majority of entrepreneurs are likely to employ again in the next six months.

33% of households said they would like to hire people affected by the COVID-19. To help the country.

Interesting is 53% of entrepreneurs are more likely to hire new graduates to work in general employee positions.

In this regard, Pornladda stated that With 520,000 graduates entering the market each year, some 20-30% of them are unemployed. While this year, new graduates will be slightly more unemployed due to the COVID-19 situation.

That new graduates have the opportunity to work On this issue, entrepreneurs will not see that because they can lower their salary. Because in fact each company has a standard and base salary for that position.

There are 3 things that new graduates should do:

Need to get the language Must be proficient in what you have learned And must have an attitude that wants to join the organization.

“When the young graduates were given the opportunity to interview for a job with HR The most required thing is an attitude. Because do not forget that HR is the first line you must face. And HR has met a wide variety of applicants with or without experience, so when talking to HR. he will know exactly what that person will be like. ”