New Normal, changing way of shopping in the mall With new measures Where shoppers should know

When the situation began to clear, it was a pleasure to see so many department stores. Gradually returned to the service as usual Coming back to shopping normally Not the same Because of the coronavirus situatio.

Many people think about the safety of their lives. Therefore, department stores have to take new measures. To ensure Returning to a new normal life, New Normal, will be safe and not risky as before. But what new measures will be taken? Where shoppers should know In order to prepare for a comfortable shopping trip, let’s go see.

Department stores strictly adhere to SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Which is the new normal that everyone has to face. By setting the entrance-exit Shopping center buildings and department stores to allow customers, service users, tenants and employees to pass the screening point. And reduce cross-paths at the entrance-exit area Shop and common areas.  

Must maintain a distance of not less than 1–1.5 meters with clear symbols indicating the standing position on the floor, such as the space inside every elevator. Use of escalators spaced 2 steps apart, including standing distances for service at the checkout point. Various service counters are available to provide DRIVE THRU & PICK UP service in the department store. To reduce congestion in the mall It’s the new norm that everyone has to adapt to.

There is a rigorous screening. Before entering the mall

Measure the temperature and disinfect alcohol gel before entering the department store for customers and employees. By passing the body temperature measurement not exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius, it will be allowed to enter the area. And if the temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius, entry is not allowed and the customer is advised to seek medical attention immediately Every customer and every employee Must wear a mask at all times When in the mall Employees who serve close to customers are required to wear a face shield, wear gloves, and take special measures for the delivery man to provide a face mask service. In case the customer did not prepare a face mask, it is the new normal that everyone has been familiar with since the early coronavirus crisis, and now it is still practiced.

Advance booking system Reduce the congestion using the service of restaurants and shops.

Going to the mall There will be no long queues. In restaurants or shops In which a reservation must be made in advance In order to reserve the time to use the service with Social Distancing measures As well as shops have to limit the number of people entering an average of 1 person per 5 square meters and must be spaced 1-2 meters. Queue according to the appointment If not reserved seats Or notify in advance, may have to wait for a long queue It is the new norm that everyone meets from now on.

Pay attention to cleanliness, reduce epidemic, reduce the transmission

New normal in Thai society, new normal results in shopping malls Take into account cleanliness is important To reduce epidemics and transmission The cleaning is as follows:

Wipe clean every contact point every 30 minutes and install an alcohol gel dispenser for disinfecting the toilet lid in the bathroom, cleaning according to a strictly set frequency cycle, deep cleaning throughout the sales area. And various service rooms with disinfectants Ozone dryers and UVC machines move after the shutdown each day. Cleaning at the customer-facing areas with disinfectant every half hour, such as escalators, door handles and elevator push buttons.

There is a surveillance and monitoring system. For safety (Safety Tracking)

Customers, tenants and employees must be registered through APPLICATION before entering the shopping center and department store. To be able to follow up if necessary In addition, the agency that looks after the employees. Store clerk Partner employees Must provide health records of all employees in the affiliation. To keep track of health information.

In addition, for greater safety. In terms of ‘Take away’ food, tracking is also provided, all boxes must include the store name and time information, along with the food operator’s name and temperature, clearly attached to the food box. That are easy to follow.

Reduce the risk, avoid exposure

This will now become a contactless society. It is a new normal for everyone who comes to the mall. Because reducing exposure is still necessary. That help reduce the risk of infection. The department store will promote payment by Mobile Banking or E-payment instead of cash payment. 

To reduce exposure to banknotes and coins In the event of a customer paying in cash, a change bag will be added at every cashier point to avoid direct contact. As well as organizing staff to open-close the doors of shopping centers and shops And the operator presses the elevator to the customer to reduce the exposure as well.

Lifestyle changes, New Normal, how can you be sure that it is safe? There’s definitely better Covid-Ready health insurance!

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