Researchers reveal “vitamin D” may help reduce COVID-19 risk

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In the past There are two new pieces of research suggest that the lack of “vitamin D” result in a risk of infection of cattle, David – 19 more. The researchers said. The lack of adequate nutrition can be another factor in the severity of an infected person.

First research It is a study by scientists from Northwestern United States University. who studied and collected coronavirus cases from 10 countries. Such as China, Iran, Germany, Italy and the United States. 

The research team compared these data to the vitamin D levels in people’s bodies before the pandemic. In the country studied and discovered an association of vitamin D deficiency with cytokine storms or disorders. Of the immune system that overproduces the immune system As well as the association of vitamin D deficiency with mortality.

“Cytokines damage the lungs. Leading to acute dyspnea That’s what kills the vast majority of people infected with COVID- 19, ”said lead researcher Ali Daneshkhah at Northwestern University.

Another study published in the journal Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. The work of British researchers found that among 20 European countries, people have higher levels of vitamin D in the body.

Mean There will be higher rates of infection and death from COVID-19. Less compared to other countries such as Italy and Spain. Which has high death statistics and people in both countries have lower than average levels of vitamin D in their bodies. While in northern European countries such as Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, where people have high levels of vitamin D in their body. 

 Increasing vitamin D levels in the body can lead to symptoms of COVID-19 infected. Is it better? And researchers are interested in doing a deeper study.

“Vitamin D can prevent sudden infections in the respiratory system. And in the elderly Which is a group with low vitamin D levels. It is the group most at risk of contracting COVID-19, ”said researcher Lee Smith.

This is consistent with research from Northwestern University that vitamin D may help explain why certain people are at higher risk of contracting.

The disease than others, such as the elderly with low vitamin D deficiency. On the other hand, children are reported to be infected with COVID-19 less because their immune systems are inactive against the virus. 

Therefore, it does not cause complications such as cytokine storms. There is no cure for the disease, so vitamin D. It should obtaine from sunlight, food or vitamin supplements to meet the needs. Because getting too much vitamin D has a negative effect on the body as well.