8 non-negative techniques of coronavirus

It’s hard to deny that COVID-19 has had the greatest impact on our lives these days. Many people have to stay at home. To save yourself from this virus And reduce the burden on the medical personnel working hard in the hospital Being in private space At first, it might be good for your own home, but when you have to stay a long time Rarely meet people like in the past It may cause stress, loneliness, depression and make the atmosphere in the home happy. Not happy anymore Negative energy enters the brain area. Wherever you look, you won’t be satisfied. Become easily upset more often

Don’t let your mind let the bad take control. Here are 8 techniques that will help stop negative thoughts. It’s better during the COVID-19 crisis, because we believe the world still has a positive side.

1. Practice thanks to good things. Coming through

There are good things on this planet. A lot happened Is it that we can only see it? Try to practice saying thank you for good things. That happens each day Even if it’s just a little bit But it can add happiness on a very depressing day quite a bit, for example, today we wake up, the sky is clear, the sunshine is soft, the wind is blowing slowly, so thank you for the sun to shine down. Make the clothes to dry completely. There is no musty smell. Think about it if there is no sun. The laundry may not dry out. Just add a little happiness. Let us already Even if it is someone who has come to do something for us as well Saying thank you is a very good forwarding of happiness. No one on this planet has a duty to do good to others. How we meet someone doing something nice To us that It is considered that we are very fortunate to say “thank you” in return at no cost. It shouldn’t be that difficult. But its effect increases happiness. And positive energy to ourselves And people around Try to practice thanks.

2. Be aware of what you can control. And can’t control

Many things have happened Are both under our control And beyond control such as changes That happened on this planet Weathering Or even other people’s thoughts Don’t try to control everything. No way is possible Tired in vain The fact that we know what we can control What I can’t control Then admit it Can stop negative thoughts from happening, just we understand that Some matters are beyond my control. We alone cannot go in and fix anything. Just accept what happened Then turn to do what we are the best determinants of the destiny At least we are doing our best. Even though the results will not come out as expected But we will know why

Like COVID-19, we cannot control it to go away. But we can prevent By keeping your social distance in your home, eating hot, washing your hands often, the right way, wearing face masks. And did not put our hands to our faces So don’t stress about it. Just do whatever we can to do well.

3. Consciously consume the media Stop consuming bad news

Several agencies have campaigned to be aware but not panic about the virus that is currently spreading. We just know And find a way to protect yourself Don’t be alarmed by what we know. Called the media with a little consciousness If social media is just not enjoyable Try keeping your phone farther away and looking for something else to do instead, it should help. Stop entering negative information for a while. Perform social detoxing (Social Detoxing) a little so we can see the reality. Live in the present Have time to meditate Before believing everything he had seen or heard.

4. Practice mindfulness for concentration and wisdom.

Did you know Tech giants like Google have been offering mindfulness training courses to its employees since 1974. 2007 until the present under the name of the program Search Inside Yourself because believe that Will improve work efficiency Increase leadership skills And most importantly, it adds “happiness”, which Google training is not complicated at all. Just focus on the quality of training And only continuity By letting us focus on the breath in and out If there is interference To recognize the presence of such disturbances And trying to bring our consciousness back to our breath When the mind is calm Thoughts are not distracted. Negative energy all around can do nothing to us. Try to start practicing at least 1-2 minutes a day. Keep practicing at the end of 100 minutes to ensure that you will be happy with the present.

5. Write down your thoughts

Writing is a good way to express your emotions, stress, frustrations, what you think, just write it all out. Get your notebook and pen ready. And concentrate on taking notes. Try to do it every day Then try to come back and read what we think each day. Give yourself the opportunity to revisit your thoughts. 

How we felt at that time And do we still think like that today? We will understand more of our life. Know what you’ve done, why and what happened, or perhaps try organizing your thoughts. We might get new ideas. That can be applied to future jobs, but writing skills And reading of people who take notes often Will develop as well.

6. Smile broadly despite having to force it.

Smile, the world will break, smile … Because smiling really helps dissolve the stress in our heads. Who saw a beautiful smile In a good mood And also want to smile again In addition, smiling often Will also make the child’s face down But during this Covid-19 crisis, many people may have questions in their minds. Confined to the house Didn’t go out to meet anyone.

 It will be easy to smile at anyone, so go stand in front of a mirror. And smiling at the person in front of him Just this can add happiness. Or for anyone who wants to work from home and have the opportunity to have a video conference Try smiling at the meeting participants for a bit With this, the atmosphere is not tense any more.

Try to practice smiling a lot. Despite having to struggle because of the overwhelming problems that make it impossible to find happiness But believe that That smile is the magic pill Relieve stress really works well today … Have you smiled yet?

7. Eat good food.

There is a lot of research showing that That food affects the mood of the consumer. If we let our emotions become sad, lonely and stressed, it will not have any positive effect on ourselves and those around us, especially if we leave our stomach hungry. May be even more frustrating to go in Eating good food Can really make us feel better for this virus pandemic.

 When having to stay in the house for a long time We may feel uncomfortable. And bored Try to turn on the phone Order your favorite food to be delivered to your home and … eat it. Will definitely be better But in order to get a better result If the ordered menu contains ingredients like Marine fish rich in omega-3s, green leafy vegetables with folic acid. 

Various berries That contain both vitamin C And antioxidants are plentiful The more you eat, the more benefits. Oh … if anyone is really stressed Try picking a piece of dark chocolate into your mouth. It can help you

8. At least 30 minutes of continuous exercise.

To get up, move, shake that leg Not only will it help burn the energy we consume Helps us to control weight Leading to an asymmetrical shape And have a healthy body No need to get sick to enter the hospital Exercising regularly for at least 30 minutes can also help you improve your mood. Because it helps the pituitary gland release a substance called endorphins, this substance is a substance of happiness. It will help us feel good and increase positive energy.

Try to take various techniques. These are used together to see. I guarantee that it can help increase the positive energy for us for sure. In the time when something bad Take place in life Don’t let the negative energy Bring our minds down Try to change the way of thinking Adjust the perspective to be positive. Then we will be able to overcome bad events Those possible I would like to encourage everyone .