From having discussed in the previous article Regarding the news  of the FDA, it is open for 2 groups of foreigners to travel to Thailand One of them has a group of health tourism tourists. Also known as ” Medical and Wellness Tourism “, many people may be wondering why this group of foreign tourists can enter Thailand as many as 30,000. Which will begin their travels on July 1, 2020. Or at the beginning of next month However, it must accept the State Quarantine from the Thai government so that tourism can be undertaken in the Bangkok, Phuket, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai areas and must take the Safety Tour measures.

Since the exposure of foreigners to travel to Thailand has been a controversial issue at this time. Today we invite you to know what kind of tourism is health tourism? Can it benefit the tourism industry in Thailand by stimulating the target group of health tourism? Let’s come to a conclusion today.

What is health tourism?

Health tourism is tourism, traveling in different areas. For recreation In other words, tourism for physical and mental health. Many areas use this type of tourism to promote health care and environmental protection.

For the form of health tourism. Here is a summary for easy understanding. Is that health tourism is divided into 2 forms:

Medical tourism is tourism in that country. For medical service Which in Thailand Medical tourism is very popular among foreign tourists. Due to the low price or medical expenses Including in terms of service

Health promotion tourism is tourism in the form of access to health care. Take a rest Whether it is a natural tourism. And health promotion tourism such as spa treatment, herbal massage, etc.

Thailand’s health tourism sector

Overview of the business and tourism industry of Thailand. Its main income comes from tourism. Especially health tourism can generate a lot of income for Thailand. Of course, this is good for the tourism sector that receives health tourists. After the COVID-19 Crisis Many health establishments have closed down temporarily and permanently. Because there is no income coming in because of the country lockdown. That foreign tourists can not enter Thailand

However, the admission of foreign tourists is a positive effect from stimulating tourism in Thailand. But the most important thing is to continue to monitor the group of tourists.