Effects of COVID 19 that changed the six principles of global social behavior.

We will fight together These are the words that many people hear or say during the global COVID 19 epidemic. More importantly, I think the crisis is just as serious as With world wars ever Because it destroys all sectors, people at all levels, unlike the economic crisis that will affect only one group or region, of course, after we can control COVID 19, this crisis will make a difference. The way of thinking of people both social and business forever. Which in my analysis is likely to have an effect on all 6 of these key areas. 

Change of Production

The way of world production will shift from The World is flat, which has led the global economy to this day and is one of the first factors that have made China a leader in the economy. 

The World is flat concept is to bring the product manufacturing base in the country itself. Move to a place where labor is cheaper anywhere in the world. So we see factories Relocated many production bases to Asia But with this crisis destroying production bases in Asia, the Western countries that are the destination of the goods There was an immediate shortage. Whether it is a product like tissue or any other 

I think that after the crisis, this idea might have to change. By having a backup plan if this happens in the future again There is a possibility that some parts of the production base may be moved back to the country in order to ensure the stability of the production in the country 

Change of Working

The way of working people has changed completely. With this outbreak, people need to stay apart or they shouldn’t gather. Almost every company uses the Work From Home system, resulting in less office space utilization. Which after this crisis ended I think many companies will use the Work From Home method more and reduce the amount of office space used. Or a more co-working space instead of an office 

In addition, this crisis will allow companies to see who has responsibility for their work. How does work efficiency affect employment? And will consider who needs to make the company survive This means that unnecessary people will not be employed. Or some positions are replaced by Autonomous systems or use more robots. Because no matter what happens, the robot will continue to operate at all times. 

Change of Stat

When a crisis situation that resulted in many unemployment. In the future, the state has to think about the impact of how it will take measures to help people. One of the things that people started talking about is the Universal Basic Income that pays people to continue living or the state welfare that can help at this time. Because of this situation, a group of people with no income or income disappeared. They cannot survive 

In addition, the state must also consider various budgets. For managing for the people that they can prevent or support the national foundations so that the economy does not collapse Or planning to prevent accidents that may arise in such cases how to prepare for the next If events like this happen again Whether it is training to deal with the epidemic Or distribution of various medical supplies To cover the area And not a shortage leading to an inflated sale Until changing the government system The bureaucracy is inefficient enough to delay coping and solving. 

Change of Living

From the Work From Home style, many people feel uncomfortable at work. Because of the environment Including various devices That are not suitable for work equivalent to the office Especially people who live in the condo Or rooms, which, with this awkwardness, will change the way people live. People will begin to feel that home is more necessary for living. People need space to live 

Therefore, after this, having a living space in the house, having a garden to walk, an area for work Including the relaxation corner in the living space itself will be a more important part of the decision to buy a residence 

Chang of Sustainability

When this crisis destroyed the financial, investment and consumption sectors of society, people had to think and realize that. If these things happen again, what will they have to do? Having a lot of stocks or investing In the future may not answer the question Because the market can be in a crisis at any time 

Therefore, people have to build their own security. Especially about food that makes people turn to grow crops More vegetables or people with larger areas may raise more feeding animals such as chickens. This can also result in more preparedness for incidents such as saving money for emergency reserves. Which causes the consumption of business to decrease as well 

Change of Behavior 

And lastly, human behavior will change drastically in different lifestyles to increase self-reliance. And look for a backup plan in case that happens Until changing the way of life itself, turning to the nature Or what kind of appointments are not necessary To be able to survive in times of insecurity By choosing to contact via online instead, which results in less travel Including the mind People are more concerned with being happier with themselves with the limitations of being able to go out. 

In addition to the six major changes that will happen after the crisis has ended. I think that one of the things that the whole world will see together is the restoration of nature, including PM 2.5 dust that arises from traffic pollution, various industrial factories. That will cause harm to the world and affect our own daily life. This crisis As a catalyst for a huge social change And no one can tell if society is headed for better or for worse. 

This time we have seen that in bad things there are still good angles. With kindness, fellow human beings without race boundaries, seeing nature return And more importantly, we are also aware of the consumption behavior that could cause this once more catastrophic event. 

It is that we will be able to maintain good things. That we have returned this time And change their behavior to support the future that will change this time or not.