3 ways to avoid blackouts in work from home

Many people around the world face the problem of having to change their work style suddenly because of COVID-19 from the original office. Currently working at home Need to adapt to new equipment and procedures. The next concern of the supervisor is When employees work at home What can I do to keep my performance as good as before? 

Therefore bringing more and more work items to be completed Forget that long-term results can cause employees to experience accumulated fatigue from their continued work. And bring to the symptoms of people who have lost their hearts Finally the power to work .

Problems that working people have to face when Work From Home 

When people start working at home, they will encounter problems such as having to learn, equipment and technology that they never used, which made it difficult at first. Difficult contact with work is not the same as sitting and chatting. The need to respond to e-mails immediately, even after work or on holidays. Although that job is not urgent.

 The distractions of the home environment, such as child noise, dog noise, and finally, when the home and office harmonize into one space. Has resulted in many people starting to feel that time is inseparable. When should I work? When should I rest? Because every day in a sense becomes a working day. The holidays do not exist Boredom and not wanting to work, the long-term result is decreased productivity.

3 ways to avoid work-out blackouts from Work From Home

How do we manage to divide our work and personal life zones in this cubicle? Without losing life first, these 3 techniques may help you.

1. Start the day by dressing like going to the office.

It is true that the advantages of working at home are We do not have to be tired, crowding people for commuting to work. Plus wake up and work immediately But it’s not great if we work in pajamas like that all day. Because of casual dressing The feeling we will say is to stay at home. But when wearing work clothes means that we are ready to work. Therefore, each day after waking up, take a shower. Dress up in work clothes like going to work actually work, then take off the dress. By doing this, we can clearly divide our work and home.

2. Find the golden moment of your work.

Usually when we work at the office, we have a clear schedule, such as 9 am – 6 pm, with a good working environment and environment. But when we have to work from home Each person may have a problem with proportion, uncomfortable work area. Or disturbances in the house Especially during this time all schools are closed.

The child has to stay at home Which parents also have to take care of their children. It turns out that 9am – 6pm is not the time to concentrate on work like when you are in the office, so you need to find a golden time to focus on the important work of the day. It is the time when you will actually work without having to go to social media. Do not answer the job chat Free from distractions And inform the supervisors and colleagues for the same understanding

3. Focus on the most important work of the day.

A person may be able to do many tasks in one day. But our energy is limited. According to the research, it was found that People will be able to work extremely efficiently for about 3 hours a day. And must be free from interruptions or multitasking. But for people working at home, they will be pressured for reasons that we have to deliver As a result.

Many people focus on work that is done quickly, finish quickly, focus on volume rather than focus on the task that is most important. In the long run, employees are faced with an ever-increasing amount of work. Until unable to prioritize So start by focusing on the most important task of the day. And clear it to the end.

Although this era is an era of inseparable mix of work and personal life and the word Work Life Balance does not exist. It is important how we balance these two parts. But in the end, I do not want to see that our life is according to any era Because the physical and mental state of each person are different Looking and accepting yourself.  Without having to force too Will help us find ways to adapt in the way of each person Before they run out of power without knowing .