Are we dealing with a new normal that doesn’t exist after COVID-19?

It is believed that to this day everyone knows and understands the toxic effect of COVID 19 , its devastation affects everyone, be it psychological, life, and work. Relationship between human beings And the economy that has been affected this time around the world

And with various changes This has made many people look to the future in the coming months. With asking whether If everything returns to normal Everything will be fine or not.

Will our lifestyle change or not? 
How will our work be? 

Will we maintain more health than before? Or we will eat less food outside and turn to cooking ourselves. Because he discovered that cooking at home was easy Not difficult It also saves time and money, is it true? 

Various behaviors These occurrences are the New Normal or the New Normal behavior of our changing and different from the original, this New Normal will actually occur or not. Or is it really just a hypothesis that many Set-up.

In fact, if we examine carefully, we will find that What is today that we believe will become New Normal or New Normal I actually think it is New irregularity. As we have to wear masks every time we leave the house. They have to sit 1-2 meters apart, or even we have to wash their hands for 20-30 seconds. It is not common for all of us to do this non-critical situation. 

So this anomaly is what we are right. Forced to do It is not something we would like to do that goes against basic human behavior.

We divide human actions into three things: things that need to be done, things that should be done, what they want to do. Which, if possible Believe that everyone is doing what they want to do rather than what they should and must do it in order. So if asked if When we have passed the Covid 19 crisis .

Will we still wear the same mask or not? 
We will eat at home. And don’t go out to eat at the restaurant at all? 
We will study online and stop sending children. Go to school forever or not?
Or will we even wash our hands several times a day for 20-30 seconds every day?

All of these things, I believe the answer is no.

Because all of the above are all New irregularity It is something that we are forced to do at all, however, not everything that happens during this time will be abandoned and returned to life as it was 100%, I think it is not.

Another aspect that I think about the emergence of the COVID crisis is that it is a catalyst for the future to run closer to us than ever before. Pushing what we think is likely to happen in the next 3 years to happen within 3 weeks. 

We predict that everyone will be meeting on the computer from home in the years to come. 

We used to think that we would all know how to order products online for years to come. 
And we believe everyone will know about Cashless payments in the years to come. 

But everything has happened recently.

So what will be a real New Normal is something that really benefits people. Is something people want to do, not being forced to do it because the behavior. What is truly New Normal is not the behavior that happened. New, but a new idea and knowledge.

When humans have new knowledge We will learn to choose new things Good and useful to us and business organizations today I would like to invite everyone to look again. Look out for new opportunities from the New Normal that are coming up soon.

Businesses and brands Understanding and embracing new knowledge and ideas of customers will become new winners, such as restaurants serving food with chefs labeled paper. Body temperature And health status Will make customers feel safe Build trust in the quality of the restaurant Because these are the things that meet the customer’s new ideas on health. Or even an office that is only open for rent 3 days a week from 7 days a week In response to the new idea of ​​customers who believe in Quality over Quantity functionality, customers believe the efficiency of their daily work will not be better than working a few days a week at the office. 

Finally, I believe that the new changes are taking place. It creates more change to our thoughts and knowledge towards everyone than anything else. Behavior will depend on how you feel about the individual you want to do or have to do. 

Therefore, understanding the thinking of people after COVID 19 Also known as Post Covid19, it is important. People who can adapt to the new changes in people’s minds may become leaders in the Post Covid’s era .

When there is a crisis There is always an opportunity

But opportunities are like fish in a swamp Despite having many fish But fish will only be food for those who know the fish. And it is only a fish that provokes the hearts of those who can see but are unable to do anything.

So the opportunity belongs to those who see it. And always ready to catch it.

So is the opportunity this time.