6 stages of consumer psychology analysis during COVID 19

Right now, the COVID 19 crisis has spread across the world. And produce new results Followed by many Good or bad What follows from this change brings new consumer behavior. 

As a result of this change, Nielsen released a series of information. By collecting from foreign retailers It was found that the consumer behavior patterns were changed in 6 stages, which this behavior could enable various merchants to The first 5 steps are what is happening now and one step later, he predicts that will happen after this. It is interesting that we can use this information to prepare for this kind of event that may happen in the future. 

Stage 1: Proactive health-minded buying

The stage to find safety for yourself The beginning of this stage is The outbreak comes from overseas or Phase 2, so it’s important to keep yourself out of COVID-19. From foreigners, Nielsen found that at this stage, the best-selling product is Products for health and wellbeing But when we return to the house, we will see that the product is selling well. In the beginning phase 2 is a mask. According to Maslow’s Basic Human Needs Theory, life safety is second in line, making masking a response to human survival psychology to the previously unknown. By finding ways to prevent yourself from getting infected 

Stage 2: Reactive health management

Must be able to survive With this phase being the third phase, people were panicking that You will be addicted or how to avoid the risk as much as possible. Data from Nielsen found that this step is to buy a mask abroad. But Thailand is the time to buy Hand washing alcohol Or a disinfectant product following an existing mask Even though the risk increases But people still have to live a normal life at this stage in consumer psychology. Many people began to provide more information that was widely transmitted. Began to know how to deal with or reduce the risk. With this psychology, the purchase of products that help you keep yourself safe in society has increased. 

Stage 3: Pantry preparation

Food hoarding when the super spreader occurs in different countries The number of infected people therefore sped from hundreds to thousands or tens of thousands in many Countries like the United States and Spain, the result is Fewer people decide to leave the house And planning to stockpile more food or order online At this stage, online products or various delivery Will grow strongly If the example in Thailand is an event that the state announces a lockdown People began to stockpile food Both instant food Drinking water or eggs Because the announcement made people worried that they would not be able to find food. So there was a lot of parade to retail stores or bought a dozen during this time. If anyone is running a business that offers online services and delivery, it will be very helpful. Because it reduces the risk of spreading the infection to consumers 

Stage 4: Quarantined living preparation

Preparation for detention at home As the number continues to increase, it does not seem to improve. The authorities therefore shut down some businesses to reduce the risk of an epidemic occurring. Online order Food delivery soared Including various stores Started shortage of certain products for a while. 

After Thailand encountered an epidemic from one place and ordered to close the shop in the first place. To reduce the risk of epidemic This effect makes people feel psychological then that When the store is closed Will cause shortages or travel difficulties In addition, the fear of not knowing how to do it safely. Because the control is out of control Resulting in more online ordering 

And now we can measure the efficiency and management of the delivery system. Various logistics Can be that it is effective enough or not Or some cases that may be seen through the eyes Some brands of courier services cannot deliver on time. Because there is a tremendous increase in the online order volume itself .

Stage 5: Restricted Living

This step is called Life is limited After the state has locked down. The people’s food is therefore deposited with various delivery services. Nielsen found that abroad, products Home delivery must meet sanitary safety standards to reduce the spread. 

In Thailand, we can see businesses in almost all circles, especially food, have evolved into a delivery format with complete promotions like Grilled food brands. At the same time in the crisis, many people have lost their jobs due to the toxic effects of the economy and from the state lockdown. Prices for food, delivery or some products are inconsistent, leading to online protests. 

And most importantly, when businesses lay off employees So they can’t go on living in the city. Causing these people to return to their hometowns The consequence of this is a significant drop in spending in that city. 

We should therefore ask the question How do we make sales spread to distant consumers? And does not compete in a field where there are already fierce competitors like food Instead, try adjusting your perspective to compete in a less competitive arena, but now essential items, such as home entertainment items such as game trees that are now selling very well. 

Stage 6: Living a new normal

New life When the COVID’s situation starts to improve or stop transmission. Nielsen predicts that people will come out to live their normal lives. But still have to be careful to keep yourself safe from disease .

With this outbreak, the lifestyle of the people has changed completely. Online trading (E-commerce) will become more and more common. As for the production line, there will be changes. 

For this 6th step, I anticipate that With the economic conditions that Thailand is experiencing. What will happen is Urban life will become more self-reliant. Products that are not essential to life can be difficult to sell or even impossible to sell at all. 

Adaptation of logistics or production systems to enable more efficient delivery of goods. And the Robotics industry will be strong because it can reduce the exposure. Can reduce human labor .

The emergence of COVID 19 has inevitably changed the world. And of course, with this epidemic, the cycle and the social pattern changed, as I thought it could never be back to. Therefore, learning the behavior of people is very important in order to help predict the stage of the human being. And make businesses Able to cope properly .