How to Work From Home? Keep your life balanced?

During the COVID-19 virus (COVID-19) epidemic, many people have to stop staying at home for a long time or work from home. Regarding food, sometimes it may not be able to choose a lot. 

As a result, the food menu may not be as diverse as it should be, which is actually a bad dietary habit. Let’s take a look at how eating well during COVID-19. How is that Along with the recommended menu And vegetables that help increase immunity.

How to Work From Home? Keep your life balanced?

There are 3 principles of good eating:

1.Eat hot, personal spoons, wash hands often, i.e. eating freshly cooked food If ordering from delivery Then choose to be able to warm up new meals per meal, day per day

2.Eat properly, nutritious for all age groups

3.Nutrients to strengthen the immune system

What is nutritious eating?

1. Eat a wide variety of foods for all age groups. The energy from carbohydrates should not be too much. Meat to eat in moderation But if childhood Elderly people who still need extra protein should get enough. And have fruits and vegetables at every meal.

2. Choose ingredients and collect ingredients to cook to suit the type of food. Will have fresh new food cooked every day.

3. Eat a variety of food. Because eating food repeatedly can lead to a lack of nutrients. Each day has 3 meals, 7 days, must have 21 menus, a month must have a repeat menu for sure. In order to get complete nutrition Or anyone who doesn’t know what to cook The Department of Health has created a sample health menu that can be eaten at all ages, which can be viewed on the website of the Department of Health.

4. Drink 1-2 glasses of fresh milk a day, especially children.

5. Infants to drink breast milk. The group that can observe symptoms or infection can breastfeed. But need to consult your doctor.