11 ideas to generate income for restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis

Restaurants are another business hit by the coronavirus outbreak. Inevitably We can see that many restaurants. Stores that are still open for service There will be a new service model to adapt to the situation,

ie, customers will not eat in the restaurant. But let customers buy them to eat at home Or provide delivery service instead To reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Of course, the income of the restaurants This could be significantly reduced during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Open for takeout and delivery service

Restaurants still open to customers during the COVID-19 outbreak Most of them are open to customers in the form of takeout and delivery services for customers to their home or delivery. Fast food franchises and restaurants around the world are shifting their service from sit-in to take-out and delivery. And received a good response from clients detained in the house. Can generate substantial sales More importantly, it reduces the risk of spreading germs between employees and customers.

2. Food purchasing and delivery platform service

For restaurants that are still open to customers during the COVID-19 epidemic Both in Bangkok And other provinces In addition to changing your own restaurant to be natural. Serene atmosphere Can increase sales channels By joining the app platform Various food delivery Because customers can search for your restaurant on the platforms of those apps and order immediately. Which you do not have to deliver to customers by yourself Just produce food according to the order that the customer ordered.

3. Raw material delivery service for customers to cook at home.

Many restaurants Shops that survive the COVID-19 crisis Will change the service model from sitting in the restaurant Changed to delivery, delivering raw materials to customers home In case the customer does not want to go home I want to cook for myself only in the house. The restaurant is obliged to prepare ingredients and ingredients for making special meals for customers to cook at home.

4. Provide delivery service, delivery without contact with customers

During the COVID-19 epidemic Many restaurants The shop will focus on providing customer service delivery. And to take home But the KFC chain in China goes one step further. The most advanced protection against the transmission of the COVID-19 virus is a non-contact delivery service. Both delivery staff and customers will have to stand 3–5 meters apart. This service is very popular with customers.

5. Adjust the shop area to be more Social Distancing.

In the event that the restaurant needs to serve during COVID-19 You may want to try more social distancing or more social distancing. Starting from setting the table to sit at least 1-2 meters apart, adjust the area to be open and airy. Receive a limited number of customers, not too crowded. Or set aside a standing space Not too contiguous And prepare utensils for individual use, for example, if two or more customers may prepare a personal serving spoon to scoop each person’s food as well. In addition, if there is an alcohol gel Or add multiple hand washing points The point inside the shop

6.More focus on selling food sets to eat alone

In order to prevent the spread Each store may try to set up more individual menus, such as smaller sizes or volumes. And arranged in a special set price set for customers to choose from many things to eat alone Such method In addition to helping to increase the safety of customers Also makes it possible to sell more products Instead of customers ordering only one dish or a few items for fear of not eating out Then you can choose to order in a set that allows you to choose many things While paying less And not too full

7. Cooking Chef Live Stream attracts buying customers.

Chinese restaurants use Covid-19 In fresh cooking For customers detained in the house to see To bring customers closer And know safe cooking procedures Until wanting to buy and eat through the Live Stream system or live broadcast Is a live broadcast Through video clips in your mobile phone Can be considered a revolution in communication That changes every area of ​​the world Can become a place to host fresh food selling fresh food without boundaries And communicate with each other in Real Time, the so-called Seconds per second ever. I think many people have tried Live Streaming through a platform that they are familiar with for a while.

8. No serving of reusable food utensils first.

Nowadays, the trend to save the world is important. But in the presence of COVID-19 That is out of control like this Saving both yourself and others is essential and most important. Reuse or refill can carry germs together, so restaurant operators may have to cancel the service first. Just like in Starbucks coffee shop, America uses plastic and paper cups.

9. Strict, double cleaning measures

To ensure safety and confidence to both customers and employees in the store. Operators should add more stringent cleaning measures. From cleaning the shop during the day and before – after opening and closing the store With alcohol spraying Disinfectant solution Requiring workers to wear protective equipment such as masks, gloves, stricter cleaning of utensils such as finished washing Then bring it to scald again By various cleaning and safety measures That added to these The shop can be posted for publicity or online communication. To build confidence for customers as well.

10. Make a Voucher to bring customers back to use when the coronavirus crisis is over

Another way to help increase the income to support the business in times of crisis is to try to make a voucher or special gift card sold to customers. To be able to bring back service when the situation improves. In addition to being a way to increase your income now To be used as funds to relieve the burden of expenses such as employee wages Venue rental, etc.

also guarantees that after the crisis has passed We will have customers to use the service continuously without intermittent. Entrepreneurs have to manage their capital well. There should be a reserve for capital after recovering from the crisis as well. In order to be able to open business operations and support customers as usual.

11. Organize social activities Free food, volunteerism Medical personnel

Distribution of rice and food to volunteer workers And medical personnel in hospitals across the country or in the area of ​​their own restaurants It is another way of conducting restaurant business during COVID-19. Because apart from we have made merit It is also another force in helping people working against COVID-19. 

All day and all night Although free rice distribution will not have any income But do not forget that our restaurant will be appreciated and kept by people who know it. Which those people may come to subsidize our restaurant later For example, in the case of ruined Zhong, who is currently cooking a box to give away medical personnel. Until various brands Come to support the activities as well.

All are 11 ideas to generate income for restaurants during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although incomes may drop somewhat during the crisis But restaurant operators can also modify customer service styles. To generate income for their own restaurant . To stand firm and be able to step out of the COVID-19 crisis This time possible.

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