9 ways to recover a broken face To come back to make a crush urgently

• Clear skin
• Shabby skin
• Dark circles under the eyes

With the work of the mountains or in the final exam. Causing sleep deprivation almost every day.  Therefore causing the face to become shabby and harder than before In order to have beautiful clear skin Even. if you have to spend life in extreme ways.

How to recover a bad  skin to come back to make a crush urgently 
1. Drink warm water after waking up.

Wake up early to immediately drink a glass of warm water to drive waste. Add moisture And help the circulatory system to improve Will make our skin look radiant and bright.

2. Exercise

If you have a little time It comes to brighten up the skin by exercising it for about 20-30 minutes, it helps the blood flow better. Resulting in glowing skin.

3. Apply ice.

To wrap the ice in a towel. And apply a compress to the skin The cold from the ice will stimulate blood circulation. And tighten pores as well.

4. Choose foundation and cream to suit your skin.

Perhaps our face looks sick and worn. Will because the foundation wasn’t the correct number. Therefore making the skin pale and dull and easy to fix By choosing a foundation that matches my skin color. It is neither too dark nor too white. In addition, the skin care that we use is effective as well. If you want to be fully maintained Choose a cream that is suitable for our skin type as well.

5. Exfoliation

If I haven’t been able to scrub my skin recently for a few months. This might be one of the reasons my skin looks worn. And as dull as you can see In order to brighten the skin and make it disappear, you should scrub the skin to remove old, flabby skin cells.

6. Refresh your luck

Swollen eye skin problems Dark circles under the eyes. It is a skin problem that makes our skin look tired.  If we can brighten the skin and eyes. It will help add brightness to us. Simple technique is to use eye cream. Increase the efficiency of it by putting it in the refrigerator. The cold will help stimulate the skin to brighten up. Or other eye care methods That we have previously recommended Read more about it here.

7.Apply sunscreen

So as not to thump the skin The skin is even more dull. Just remember to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from darkening. Its easily hurt with a sunscreen with an SPF30-50 and a PA +++ value.

8. Increase the radiance from within.

Good food can help transform your shabby face to be beautiful. Recommendation is that tea, coffee and sugar soft drinks should be avoided. Because these drinks can make your skin look dull. But should eat water mixed with lemon Or various herbal drinks To help the digestive system And can drive our skin to be clearer.

9. Get enough sleep

If the cause of the page is shabby Came from not getting enough sleep No matter what, we should find time to get a good night’s sleep. And getting enough sleep is a good secret to help rejuvenate your skin. Because during our sleep, growth hormones that help repair our skin are released. Generally Many people recommend getting 7-8 hours of sleep, but good nightly isn’t always about the number of hours. But also on the quality of sleep Should sleep soundly And go to bed from 10pm.