Effects of COVID 19 that changed the six principles of global social behavior.

We will fight together These are the words that many people hear or say during the global COVID 19 epidemic. More importantly, I think the crisis is just as serious as With world wars ever Because it destroys all sectors, people at all levels, unlike the economic crisis that will affect only one group or region, of course, after we can control COVID 19, this crisis will make a difference. The way of thinking of people both social and business forever. Which in my analysis is likely to have an effect on all 6 of these key areas. 

Change of Production

The way of world production will shift from The World is flat, which has led the global economy to this day and is one of the first factors that have made China a leader in the economy. 

The World is flat concept is to bring the product manufacturing base in the country itself. Move to a place where labor is cheaper anywhere in the world. So we see factories Relocated many production bases to Asia But with this crisis destroying production bases in Asia, the Western countries that are the destination of the goods There was an immediate shortage. Whether it is a product like tissue or any other 

I think that after the crisis, this idea might have to change. By having a backup plan if this happens in the future again There is a possibility that some parts of the production base may be moved back to the country in order to ensure the stability of the production in the country 

Change of Working

The way of working people has changed completely. With this outbreak, people need to stay apart or they shouldn’t gather. Almost every company uses the Work From Home system, resulting in less office space utilization. Which after this crisis ended I think many companies will use the Work From Home method more and reduce the amount of office space used. Or a more co-working space instead of an office 

In addition, this crisis will allow companies to see who has responsibility for their work. How does work efficiency affect employment? And will consider who needs to make the company survive This means that unnecessary people will not be employed. Or some positions are replaced by Autonomous systems or use more robots. Because no matter what happens, the robot will continue to operate at all times. 

Change of Stat

When a crisis situation that resulted in many unemployment. In the future, the state has to think about the impact of how it will take measures to help people. One of the things that people started talking about is the Universal Basic Income that pays people to continue living or the state welfare that can help at this time. Because of this situation, a group of people with no income or income disappeared. They cannot survive 

In addition, the state must also consider various budgets. For managing for the people that they can prevent or support the national foundations so that the economy does not collapse Or planning to prevent accidents that may arise in such cases how to prepare for the next If events like this happen again Whether it is training to deal with the epidemic Or distribution of various medical supplies To cover the area And not a shortage leading to an inflated sale Until changing the government system The bureaucracy is inefficient enough to delay coping and solving. 

Change of Living

From the Work From Home style, many people feel uncomfortable at work. Because of the environment Including various devices That are not suitable for work equivalent to the office Especially people who live in the condo Or rooms, which, with this awkwardness, will change the way people live. People will begin to feel that home is more necessary for living. People need space to live 

Therefore, after this, having a living space in the house, having a garden to walk, an area for work Including the relaxation corner in the living space itself will be a more important part of the decision to buy a residence 

Chang of Sustainability

When this crisis destroyed the financial, investment and consumption sectors of society, people had to think and realize that. If these things happen again, what will they have to do? Having a lot of stocks or investing In the future may not answer the question Because the market can be in a crisis at any time 

Therefore, people have to build their own security. Especially about food that makes people turn to grow crops More vegetables or people with larger areas may raise more feeding animals such as chickens. This can also result in more preparedness for incidents such as saving money for emergency reserves. Which causes the consumption of business to decrease as well 

Change of Behavior 

And lastly, human behavior will change drastically in different lifestyles to increase self-reliance. And look for a backup plan in case that happens Until changing the way of life itself, turning to the nature Or what kind of appointments are not necessary To be able to survive in times of insecurity By choosing to contact via online instead, which results in less travel Including the mind People are more concerned with being happier with themselves with the limitations of being able to go out. 

In addition to the six major changes that will happen after the crisis has ended. I think that one of the things that the whole world will see together is the restoration of nature, including PM 2.5 dust that arises from traffic pollution, various industrial factories. That will cause harm to the world and affect our own daily life. This crisis As a catalyst for a huge social change And no one can tell if society is headed for better or for worse. 

This time we have seen that in bad things there are still good angles. With kindness, fellow human beings without race boundaries, seeing nature return And more importantly, we are also aware of the consumption behavior that could cause this once more catastrophic event. 

It is that we will be able to maintain good things. That we have returned this time And change their behavior to support the future that will change this time or not.

Coronavirus: hot and humid weather kills the virus – can it really stop COVID-19 outbreaks?

Many people believe that tropical climates such as in Thailand and neighboring regions It is one of the factors contributing to the COVID-19 outbreak. Not as severe as in Europe and North America in winter.

There are several recent scientific studies supporting this idea. Causing the countries in the cold regions to bring together hope that The plague situation will improve as the warm season arrives. However Experts have warned that the new coronavirus may be unresponsive to changes in weather and seasons. As many people expected

Live report: sticking to the COVID-19 crisis declared a state of emergency for the whole country on the first day.

Viruses that cause COVID-19 How long can it stay alive on the skin?

COVID-19, probably “chimera,” contains two viral genes.

Why is hot and humid weather better inhibiting viruses?

Past studies on various strains of the coronavirus, particularly the SARS virus, which is a close relative of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Indicates that these viruses have epidemic behavior that change with the seasons. In the UK, the outbreak is more severe during the months of December to April each year. Which is during the winter with cool and dry weather Such pandemic schemes are similar to many influenza.

Sunlight promotes the synthesis of vitamin D , an essential building block in the body’s immune system.

A recent study by the Chinese medical faculty, published in the online Library of Medicine, medRxiv.org, identified temperature, wind speed and relative humidity in each area. Is associated with the epidemic rate of COVID-19. Another report, conducted by epidemiological research and consulting firm Ausvet, pointed out that regions with higher temperatures found lower cases of COVID-19 infection.

The team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Or MIT of the US An article published in the online journal SSRN reveals 90% of COVID-19 infections. Occurs in regions with temperature 3-17 degrees Celsius, absolute humidity 4-9 grams per cubic meter. While the country with an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius or higher And the absolute humidity is greater than 9 grams per cubic meter. In fact, fewer than 6% of cases are infected worldwide.

Although it seems that most of the findings give hope to those who have waited for the summer to arrive. So that more warm and humid climate will automatically ward off the epidemic. But most of these findings are preliminary studies conducted by comparing historical data of other coronavirus strains as well as predictive computer models. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak Which is an emerging disease It hasn’t happened long enough to tell the difference in each season.

However, there are some scientific explanations that might answer that. Why is hot and humid climate making it harder to spread than the cold and dry climate?

High humidity This caused the virus particles to be enveloped in moisture and dropped to the ground quickly.

The corona virus is covered with a fat layer. This makes it more responsive to temperature changes than other viruses. In that cold weather The shelled fat will harden and harden. This helps to better protect virus particles while outside the body of the organism. Compared to being in hot weather the fat shell will be destroyed.

The longer the virus can remain intact in the external environment. The more likely they are, the more likely they are to spread and infect people.

Another important reason is Winters in the northern and western hemispheres are often blurred without sun. This makes people deficient in vitamin D (D), an essential building block for the body’s immune system. Cool, dry air also decreases the amount of sticky mucus that the body produces, coining the lungs and airways. Making it unable to prevent virus attacks by default.

People in the Western world should not put much of their hope in curbing the epidemic in the summer.

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University in the United States, said that “the high humidity conditions are the same.” This causes viral particles that are suspended in the air because an infected person coughs or sneezes. Is wrapped in a very small mist Which this droplets will cause the virus to fall rapidly to the ground Does not drift for as long as in dry and completely still climates. Making viruses in humid climates more difficult to spread “

A pandemic could cause COVID-19 Independent of the season

Despite the many supporting factors that the novel coronavirus may not be able to spread as heavily in the tropics. But Thailand and its neighbors Including the people of the Western world who are eagerly waiting for summer to come The hope of a pandemic should not be placed in much of the climate.

Prof. Jan Albert, an infectious disease control specialist at the Swedish Institute of Karolinska. Commented on this matter “Although most of the coronavirus outbreaks in the past have been mitigated by itself. And eventually become a seasonal epidemic But pandemic viruses do not always follow this pattern. For example, the Spanish flu pandemic happened during the summer. Despite the fact that most influenza pandemic occurs in winter. “

“What remains in question is Susceptibility of the COVID-19 virus For that season Will this affect its ability to spread during the pandemic period? We still may not know for sure “

“The severity of the epidemic is not dependent on the weather alone. The virus is transmitted from person to person. Causing other seasonal factors such as human activity to have an important effect.

 For example, the measles outbreak is the beginning of the school term for students. The spread of COVID-19 From Wuhan to other Chinese provinces, it happened when people returned home during the Lunar New Year, ”Prof Albert said.

In addition, a number of scientists point out that The case of the COVID-19 outbreak In the tropics Although it occurs less often in cold regions But there are still many infections occurring. And the new coronavirus may not be as susceptible as one might expect, depending on weather and seasons.

Harvard University School of Medicine results in the United States Found that the spread of COVID-19 In the cool and dry areas of China such as Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces. It is similar to the epidemic rates in the tropics such as Guangxi Zhuang and Singapore. Which this information suggests Alone in hot and humid weather alone May not stop or mitigate the outbreak of the new corona virus.

8 non-negative techniques of coronavirus

It’s hard to deny that COVID-19 has had the greatest impact on our lives these days. Many people have to stay at home. To save yourself from this virus And reduce the burden on the medical personnel working hard in the hospital Being in private space At first, it might be good for your own home, but when you have to stay a long time Rarely meet people like in the past It may cause stress, loneliness, depression and make the atmosphere in the home happy. Not happy anymore Negative energy enters the brain area. Wherever you look, you won’t be satisfied. Become easily upset more often

Don’t let your mind let the bad take control. Here are 8 techniques that will help stop negative thoughts. It’s better during the COVID-19 crisis, because we believe the world still has a positive side.

1. Practice thanks to good things. Coming through

There are good things on this planet. A lot happened Is it that we can only see it? Try to practice saying thank you for good things. That happens each day Even if it’s just a little bit But it can add happiness on a very depressing day quite a bit, for example, today we wake up, the sky is clear, the sunshine is soft, the wind is blowing slowly, so thank you for the sun to shine down. Make the clothes to dry completely. There is no musty smell. Think about it if there is no sun. The laundry may not dry out. Just add a little happiness. Let us already Even if it is someone who has come to do something for us as well Saying thank you is a very good forwarding of happiness. No one on this planet has a duty to do good to others. How we meet someone doing something nice To us that It is considered that we are very fortunate to say “thank you” in return at no cost. It shouldn’t be that difficult. But its effect increases happiness. And positive energy to ourselves And people around Try to practice thanks.

2. Be aware of what you can control. And can’t control

Many things have happened Are both under our control And beyond control such as changes That happened on this planet Weathering Or even other people’s thoughts Don’t try to control everything. No way is possible Tired in vain The fact that we know what we can control What I can’t control Then admit it Can stop negative thoughts from happening, just we understand that Some matters are beyond my control. We alone cannot go in and fix anything. Just accept what happened Then turn to do what we are the best determinants of the destiny At least we are doing our best. Even though the results will not come out as expected But we will know why

Like COVID-19, we cannot control it to go away. But we can prevent By keeping your social distance in your home, eating hot, washing your hands often, the right way, wearing face masks. And did not put our hands to our faces So don’t stress about it. Just do whatever we can to do well.

3. Consciously consume the media Stop consuming bad news

Several agencies have campaigned to be aware but not panic about the virus that is currently spreading. We just know And find a way to protect yourself Don’t be alarmed by what we know. Called the media with a little consciousness If social media is just not enjoyable Try keeping your phone farther away and looking for something else to do instead, it should help. Stop entering negative information for a while. Perform social detoxing (Social Detoxing) a little so we can see the reality. Live in the present Have time to meditate Before believing everything he had seen or heard.

4. Practice mindfulness for concentration and wisdom.

Did you know Tech giants like Google have been offering mindfulness training courses to its employees since 1974. 2007 until the present under the name of the program Search Inside Yourself because believe that Will improve work efficiency Increase leadership skills And most importantly, it adds “happiness”, which Google training is not complicated at all. Just focus on the quality of training And only continuity By letting us focus on the breath in and out If there is interference To recognize the presence of such disturbances And trying to bring our consciousness back to our breath When the mind is calm Thoughts are not distracted. Negative energy all around can do nothing to us. Try to start practicing at least 1-2 minutes a day. Keep practicing at the end of 100 minutes to ensure that you will be happy with the present.

5. Write down your thoughts

Writing is a good way to express your emotions, stress, frustrations, what you think, just write it all out. Get your notebook and pen ready. And concentrate on taking notes. Try to do it every day Then try to come back and read what we think each day. Give yourself the opportunity to revisit your thoughts. 

How we felt at that time And do we still think like that today? We will understand more of our life. Know what you’ve done, why and what happened, or perhaps try organizing your thoughts. We might get new ideas. That can be applied to future jobs, but writing skills And reading of people who take notes often Will develop as well.

6. Smile broadly despite having to force it.

Smile, the world will break, smile … Because smiling really helps dissolve the stress in our heads. Who saw a beautiful smile In a good mood And also want to smile again In addition, smiling often Will also make the child’s face down But during this Covid-19 crisis, many people may have questions in their minds. Confined to the house Didn’t go out to meet anyone.

 It will be easy to smile at anyone, so go stand in front of a mirror. And smiling at the person in front of him Just this can add happiness. Or for anyone who wants to work from home and have the opportunity to have a video conference Try smiling at the meeting participants for a bit With this, the atmosphere is not tense any more.

Try to practice smiling a lot. Despite having to struggle because of the overwhelming problems that make it impossible to find happiness But believe that That smile is the magic pill Relieve stress really works well today … Have you smiled yet?

7. Eat good food.

There is a lot of research showing that That food affects the mood of the consumer. If we let our emotions become sad, lonely and stressed, it will not have any positive effect on ourselves and those around us, especially if we leave our stomach hungry. May be even more frustrating to go in Eating good food Can really make us feel better for this virus pandemic.

 When having to stay in the house for a long time We may feel uncomfortable. And bored Try to turn on the phone Order your favorite food to be delivered to your home and … eat it. Will definitely be better But in order to get a better result If the ordered menu contains ingredients like Marine fish rich in omega-3s, green leafy vegetables with folic acid. 

Various berries That contain both vitamin C And antioxidants are plentiful The more you eat, the more benefits. Oh … if anyone is really stressed Try picking a piece of dark chocolate into your mouth. It can help you

8. At least 30 minutes of continuous exercise.

To get up, move, shake that leg Not only will it help burn the energy we consume Helps us to control weight Leading to an asymmetrical shape And have a healthy body No need to get sick to enter the hospital Exercising regularly for at least 30 minutes can also help you improve your mood. Because it helps the pituitary gland release a substance called endorphins, this substance is a substance of happiness. It will help us feel good and increase positive energy.

Try to take various techniques. These are used together to see. I guarantee that it can help increase the positive energy for us for sure. In the time when something bad Take place in life Don’t let the negative energy Bring our minds down Try to change the way of thinking Adjust the perspective to be positive. Then we will be able to overcome bad events Those possible I would like to encourage everyone .


From having discussed in the previous article Regarding the news  of the FDA, it is open for 2 groups of foreigners to travel to Thailand One of them has a group of health tourism tourists. Also known as ” Medical and Wellness Tourism “, many people may be wondering why this group of foreign tourists can enter Thailand as many as 30,000. Which will begin their travels on July 1, 2020. Or at the beginning of next month However, it must accept the State Quarantine from the Thai government so that tourism can be undertaken in the Bangkok, Phuket, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai areas and must take the Safety Tour measures.

Since the exposure of foreigners to travel to Thailand has been a controversial issue at this time. Today we invite you to know what kind of tourism is health tourism? Can it benefit the tourism industry in Thailand by stimulating the target group of health tourism? Let’s come to a conclusion today.

What is health tourism?

Health tourism is tourism, traveling in different areas. For recreation In other words, tourism for physical and mental health. Many areas use this type of tourism to promote health care and environmental protection.

For the form of health tourism. Here is a summary for easy understanding. Is that health tourism is divided into 2 forms:

Medical tourism is tourism in that country. For medical service Which in Thailand Medical tourism is very popular among foreign tourists. Due to the low price or medical expenses Including in terms of service

Health promotion tourism is tourism in the form of access to health care. Take a rest Whether it is a natural tourism. And health promotion tourism such as spa treatment, herbal massage, etc.

Thailand’s health tourism sector

Overview of the business and tourism industry of Thailand. Its main income comes from tourism. Especially health tourism can generate a lot of income for Thailand. Of course, this is good for the tourism sector that receives health tourists. After the COVID-19 Crisis Many health establishments have closed down temporarily and permanently. Because there is no income coming in because of the country lockdown. That foreign tourists can not enter Thailand

However, the admission of foreign tourists is a positive effect from stimulating tourism in Thailand. But the most important thing is to continue to monitor the group of tourists.

Researchers reveal “vitamin D” may help reduce COVID-19 risk

Features writer who believes that every human being should be treated equally.

In the past There are two new pieces of research suggest that the lack of “vitamin D” result in a risk of infection of cattle, David – 19 more. The researchers said. The lack of adequate nutrition can be another factor in the severity of an infected person.

First research It is a study by scientists from Northwestern United States University. who studied and collected coronavirus cases from 10 countries. Such as China, Iran, Germany, Italy and the United States. 

The research team compared these data to the vitamin D levels in people’s bodies before the pandemic. In the country studied and discovered an association of vitamin D deficiency with cytokine storms or disorders. Of the immune system that overproduces the immune system As well as the association of vitamin D deficiency with mortality.

“Cytokines damage the lungs. Leading to acute dyspnea That’s what kills the vast majority of people infected with COVID- 19, ”said lead researcher Ali Daneshkhah at Northwestern University.

Another study published in the journal Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. The work of British researchers found that among 20 European countries, people have higher levels of vitamin D in the body.

Mean There will be higher rates of infection and death from COVID-19. Less compared to other countries such as Italy and Spain. Which has high death statistics and people in both countries have lower than average levels of vitamin D in their bodies. While in northern European countries such as Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, where people have high levels of vitamin D in their body. 

 Increasing vitamin D levels in the body can lead to symptoms of COVID-19 infected. Is it better? And researchers are interested in doing a deeper study.

“Vitamin D can prevent sudden infections in the respiratory system. And in the elderly Which is a group with low vitamin D levels. It is the group most at risk of contracting COVID-19, ”said researcher Lee Smith.

This is consistent with research from Northwestern University that vitamin D may help explain why certain people are at higher risk of contracting.

The disease than others, such as the elderly with low vitamin D deficiency. On the other hand, children are reported to be infected with COVID-19 less because their immune systems are inactive against the virus. 

Therefore, it does not cause complications such as cytokine storms. There is no cure for the disease, so vitamin D. It should obtaine from sunlight, food or vitamin supplements to meet the needs. Because getting too much vitamin D has a negative effect on the body as well. 

New Normal, changing way of shopping in the mall With new measures Where shoppers should know

When the situation began to clear, it was a pleasure to see so many department stores. Gradually returned to the service as usual Coming back to shopping normally Not the same Because of the coronavirus situatio.

Many people think about the safety of their lives. Therefore, department stores have to take new measures. To ensure Returning to a new normal life, New Normal, will be safe and not risky as before. But what new measures will be taken? Where shoppers should know In order to prepare for a comfortable shopping trip, let’s go see.

Department stores strictly adhere to SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Which is the new normal that everyone has to face. By setting the entrance-exit Shopping center buildings and department stores to allow customers, service users, tenants and employees to pass the screening point. And reduce cross-paths at the entrance-exit area Shop and common areas.  

Must maintain a distance of not less than 1–1.5 meters with clear symbols indicating the standing position on the floor, such as the space inside every elevator. Use of escalators spaced 2 steps apart, including standing distances for service at the checkout point. Various service counters are available to provide DRIVE THRU & PICK UP service in the department store. To reduce congestion in the mall It’s the new norm that everyone has to adapt to.

There is a rigorous screening. Before entering the mall

Measure the temperature and disinfect alcohol gel before entering the department store for customers and employees. By passing the body temperature measurement not exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius, it will be allowed to enter the area. And if the temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius, entry is not allowed and the customer is advised to seek medical attention immediately Every customer and every employee Must wear a mask at all times When in the mall Employees who serve close to customers are required to wear a face shield, wear gloves, and take special measures for the delivery man to provide a face mask service. In case the customer did not prepare a face mask, it is the new normal that everyone has been familiar with since the early coronavirus crisis, and now it is still practiced.

Advance booking system Reduce the congestion using the service of restaurants and shops.

Going to the mall There will be no long queues. In restaurants or shops In which a reservation must be made in advance In order to reserve the time to use the service with Social Distancing measures As well as shops have to limit the number of people entering an average of 1 person per 5 square meters and must be spaced 1-2 meters. Queue according to the appointment If not reserved seats Or notify in advance, may have to wait for a long queue It is the new norm that everyone meets from now on.

Pay attention to cleanliness, reduce epidemic, reduce the transmission

New normal in Thai society, new normal results in shopping malls Take into account cleanliness is important To reduce epidemics and transmission The cleaning is as follows:

Wipe clean every contact point every 30 minutes and install an alcohol gel dispenser for disinfecting the toilet lid in the bathroom, cleaning according to a strictly set frequency cycle, deep cleaning throughout the sales area. And various service rooms with disinfectants Ozone dryers and UVC machines move after the shutdown each day. Cleaning at the customer-facing areas with disinfectant every half hour, such as escalators, door handles and elevator push buttons.

There is a surveillance and monitoring system. For safety (Safety Tracking)

Customers, tenants and employees must be registered through APPLICATION before entering the shopping center and department store. To be able to follow up if necessary In addition, the agency that looks after the employees. Store clerk Partner employees Must provide health records of all employees in the affiliation. To keep track of health information.

In addition, for greater safety. In terms of ‘Take away’ food, tracking is also provided, all boxes must include the store name and time information, along with the food operator’s name and temperature, clearly attached to the food box. That are easy to follow.

Reduce the risk, avoid exposure

This will now become a contactless society. It is a new normal for everyone who comes to the mall. Because reducing exposure is still necessary. That help reduce the risk of infection. The department store will promote payment by Mobile Banking or E-payment instead of cash payment. 

To reduce exposure to banknotes and coins In the event of a customer paying in cash, a change bag will be added at every cashier point to avoid direct contact. As well as organizing staff to open-close the doors of shopping centers and shops And the operator presses the elevator to the customer to reduce the exposure as well.

Lifestyle changes, New Normal, how can you be sure that it is safe? There’s definitely better Covid-Ready health insurance!

Even if the mall is open Everything is back to the same. But believe that there are many things “Not the same” with a lifestyle that has changed like the new normal that is about to happen How can I be sure that it is safe? Get additional coverage With the Covid Ready Financing Health Insurance. It is better than Covid-Ready, which provides coverage for health, critical illnesses, including COVID 19 up to 10 million baht per year.

Immediately with special compensation of up to 20,000 baht and if sick with other serious illnesses, including COVID 19. They will be ready to take care of up to 10 million baht for a room charge of up to 9,000 baht per day and outpatient medical privileges Unlimited number of times up to 50,000 baht per year. And worry about the people behind. With coverage In the event of death from COVID 19, an additional 100,000 baht will be provided. 

COVID-19 hits operators&How many people work?

At that time, large organizations were the ones most affected by the impact.

But this COVID-19 affects every industry, whether it’s big business Or small, it all hit And small businesses, if the hemp line is not enough, it will be more affected.

And when it affects every industry That means the labor market in Thailand. 37.4 million employed people were also affected.

Because each organization Each company has to tighten their belts. Resulting in both temporary termination Salary cuts Or reached the closing stage.

So how does COVID-19 affect entrepreneurs and workers?

Pornladdadecharatwiboon Country Manager, JobsDB Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd., released statistics on the labor market from the impact of COVID-19. With the press through the zoom application

Labor side

During March and April, the job announcement was reduced. Especially in April, which is clearly declining Because during COVID-19 Each organization has a more diverse perspective. Accepting new hires is a matter of thinking more carefully. To have to look at the factors of both the economy Any concerns that exist, including considering the need for recruiting new hires

A survey of more than 1,400 workers and 400 companies found that one in four or 25% of workers were most directly affected by their job status.

9% are unemployed and 1 to 6 % has been stopped temporarily.

The most affected group is Employees belonging to the salary category less than 16,000 baht, are employed as contracts, are over 45 years old, and work for organizations with less than 50 employees.

Among those affected by COVIDs were those with salaries over 30,000 baht.

Pornladda also said that Even people over 45 are the most vulnerable. But these people still have the opportunity to be elected to work again. Because of the work experience that is more than a new graduate

And despite being fortunate not being dismissed Some employees who remain in work are also affected by their work and income.

  1. 48% were given to work from home or WORK FORM HOME
  2. 45% are affected by income
  3. – 27% did not receive the bonus
  4. – 20% does not adjust salary
  5. – 14% have been reduced their salary

Salary reduction 11-30% of income

These are all factors that affect happiness at work. And during COVID-19 How happy Thai workers were found that the happiness index of Thai workers before the COVID-19 outbreak was 85%.

And at the time of the epidemic it dropped to just 59%, and a threefold increase in unhappiness when switching to work from home, and 46% of workers said their hours worked.

1 in 3 workers work harder

1 in 4 workers experience more pressure from their supervisors.

Almost 1 in 2 workers have more hours worked.

Advertising staff Public relations work Including digital marketing E-Commerce Jobs And social media work It is a work group that works per day for a longer period of time when working at home as well.

Pornladda stated that JobsDB has been conducting a ‘Laws of Attraction’ (LOA) survey from December 19, 2019 to February 20, 2020 from more than 6,000 workers across Thailand.

The survey found that the first 3 factors that workers pay the most importance to when choosing a job are:

1. Salary / compensation.

2. Work stability

And 3. career advancement

Thai workers choose the highest percentage of work security in the survey of all six countries in Southeast Asia.

According to the answer, working security is 3 times more important than welfare, 2 times more important than the location of the workplace and 1.4 times more important than work-life balance.

Operator side

Pornladda gave the view that Entrepreneurs have to face challenges. Most operators have adjusted their implementation plan to adjust quite a bit because in the current situation, operators have to control expenses to reduce costs as much as possible.

In the matter of salary increase is not the same anymore. Must look long until the end of the year Because each organization itself is concerned that there may be a second wave of outbreaks. Do you have a vaccine? Including the current economic condition is really good?

It found that 52% encouraged their employees to work at home and 47% improved their employment policies. Among the employers who have adjusted their employment policies, 39% stopped hiring new employees and 12% cut their headcount.

Additionally, 37% of entrepreneurs will change their salary and compensation structure.

21% no salary adjustment

20% consider salary reduction measures

18% will refrain from paying the bonus.

What about the second half of the employment market?

Pornladda stated that after the lockdown began Some businesses are starting to make a comeback.JobsDB sees positive hiring from entrepreneurs reflected in the survey.

For the second half of 2020, 88% of the vast majority of entrepreneurs are likely to employ again in the next six months.

33% of households said they would like to hire people affected by the COVID-19. To help the country.

Interesting is 53% of entrepreneurs are more likely to hire new graduates to work in general employee positions.

In this regard, Pornladda stated that With 520,000 graduates entering the market each year, some 20-30% of them are unemployed. While this year, new graduates will be slightly more unemployed due to the COVID-19 situation.

That new graduates have the opportunity to work On this issue, entrepreneurs will not see that because they can lower their salary. Because in fact each company has a standard and base salary for that position.

There are 3 things that new graduates should do:

Need to get the language Must be proficient in what you have learned And must have an attitude that wants to join the organization.

“When the young graduates were given the opportunity to interview for a job with HR The most required thing is an attitude. Because do not forget that HR is the first line you must face. And HR has met a wide variety of applicants with or without experience, so when talking to HR. he will know exactly what that person will be like. ” 

New son Helped stimulate the British economy to recover.

The birth of the new son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Princess Katherine. The Duchess of Cambridge is not only good news for the Windsor and the British. It is reported that Businesses and brands in the UK are also looking forward to the third heir to the two heirs as they are expected to help stimulate a sluggish economy. Ready as a market opportunity for many products and services Not unlike Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s births in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

Light from the Little Prince to the British Brand

Over the past few years, the UK economy In particular, the UK is not doing well. Because consumer confidence has decreased in line with the average wages. Until the public has to save money Which negatively affects the economy and retail brands. But the situation is likely to improve, with brand consulting firm Brand Finance expecting. The new son will help stimulate the UK economy by around £ 50m (£ 2,200m) before he turns one year old, the brands that will benefit the most: Children’s products, hospitals, children’s toys and souvenirs. Including tourism, hotel and aviation businesses, which can produce Service or create a campaign associated with this son

The Center for Retail Research of England expects this little prince It will help boost sales of baby products and souvenirs totaling approximately US $ 67 million (approximately US $ 2,077 million), while British children’s retailer JoJo Maman Bebe focuses on the High End market, believes the new heir will boost the peak. It sells both local and newly opened US stores. Mothercare, a baby retail brand Another British brand hopes White, red, or blue children’s clothing – the same color as the British flag – will likely sell well.

Even being the third, but not because of the magical deterioration

In addition to being the fifth in the throne. Next to Prince Charles Prince william Prince Harry, Prince George and Princess Charlotte and Charlotte. This prince is also a deputy member of the royal family. On the merits of the economy of the motherland by Brand Finance indicated that economic growth of about 50 million pounds from the little prince. Less than both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, which are £ 75 and £ 100 million (£ 3,300 and £ 4,400 million) respectively.

However, the numbers are less than That doesn’t mean the news of the birth of the royal heir to the British royal family has mystified. Or less stimulating the economy Because usually girls get more attention than the boys already and was born not far from the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan McCormick Michael on May 19, which would have a positive effect on the economy is over.

Keep an eye on the name of the new prince

There is another ongoing movement of the little prince to be watched for. The British and people around the world are curious to know Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Which name to use to name the name of the son.  Most likely, Albert was the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s father before becoming King George VI and Arthur because of the king’s name. The legend of England, well known to everyone.

It is expected that when the British Royal Household announced the name of the little prince. The name will become the most popular British born boy name of 2018 just like George and Charlotte. Most popular the year Prince George and Charlotte were born / bbc, cnn, time, brandfinance .

Shining direction in aviation and tourism business after the end of COVID 19

The situation of the coronavirus outbreak affects the world. Especially in the airline and tourism business Has been hit very hard Some of them have to declare bankruptcy or liquidate the business. In Thailand, you can see that airlines Need to reduce costs and take emergency measures in order to survive. The tourism business is the same. Marketing must be done to stimulate tourism for people to return. Let’s see that What will the airline and tourism business direction be after the end of COVID 19?

Various airlines Use the following measures to prevent and control disease in travel.

– Limit the number of seats to serve. Distribute tickets by providing at least 1 seat spaced between each passenger.
– Body temperature measurement using infrared thermometer. If the temperature is higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius, respiratory symptoms. If found to be at risk. Do not issue a boarding pass to that passenger.
– There is a measure to keep the distance of the passenger during the trip.
– Wear a mask. All the time from boarding until leaving the plane Without it and unable to provide Then proceed to the boarding passengers
– if the flight takes 90 minutes to two back row seats on either side of the aircraft. For isolating sick passengers or suspected of being ill to observe symptoms.

Airlines adjust strategy Attract passengers

After passing through COVID-19, various airlines must adjust strategies to attract passengers to return to the service as before Spacing. It may be another selling point that increases the confidence in the security of the user even more. Or may have a health check before every flight In the future.

Fewer passengers traveling for business

The Covid-19 crisis has reduced passenger numbers. Both from a group of tourists who have decreased And those traveling on business, such as to work, to meetings, or to negotiate business abroad. Companies have learned that they can negotiate business, hold meetings, or do some work online. There is no need for employees to travel abroad after COVID19, they will adjust their work methods or negotiate business online to save money. Causing many passengers to disappear.

Travel may not be the same again.

After the COVID-19 outbreak has passed, tourism activities will gradually return, but still cannot be reversed. Factors such as tourists are concerned because there is no vaccine against COVID-19 and the impact of people’s confidence in employment and weak purchasing power. After most of the economic activity is disrupted, however, it is expected that in the second half of 2020, operators will continue to market to stimulate tourism. It may be the attraction for more people to come and travel.

Thailand is the number 1 tourist destination that Chinese people want to visit the most.

The China Thailand Travel Sentiment Survey 2020 was conducted in mid-April 2020 by C9 Hotelworks and Delivering Asia Communications. It was found that 71% of Chinese consumers want to visit Thailand, which is the ranking. The Chinese people want to travel after the end of COVID 19 and the survey found that 53% of the respondents.Who are Chinese in the top cities. Want to travel abroad this year. The months they are aiming for the most are August, October and December.

Cleanliness – Safety ”is the key to tourism.

The pattern of the tourism industry that will change Not the same Cleanliness and safety It will get even more importance from tourists and entrepreneurs. And it will become a very basic requirement. In the future we may see restrictions on the number of people access to tourist attractions. the introduction of new regulations to visit various places. To reduce the concerns of travelers who are susceptible to the outbreak of the virus Causing operators to adjust Create confidence and impression on tourists.

Travel confidently and safely with the Covid Ready Financing Insurance.

Great health insurance that provides coverage for health, critical illnesses, including COVID-19 up to 10 million baht per year. No worries at this time with extra coverage. Check for COVID-19 and take care immediately with special compensation up to 20,000 baht. If sick with other serious disease Including COVID-19 Ready to take care of up to 10 million baht for a room charge of up to 9,000 baht per day. There is also unlimited outpatient treatment privileges up to 50,000 baht per year and worry-free about the people behind. With coverage In the event of death from COVID 19, add an extra 100,000 baht to travel confidently and safely with Covid Ready health insurance. 

Airline business is more sick than … Cope with ‘COVID’

The COVID-19 crisis That affect the whole world Today, the violence appears to be less than the world aviation situation. Many people think that it may be until 2023 or beyond. The demand for aviation will return.  It estimated that only 30 airlines in over 700 airlines around the world can survive.

Image of congestion at Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports Both the passenger compartment and the runway will not be seen for a long time. Because of the rampage of COVID-19.

Anyone who expects everything in aviation to return as it was before COVID-19 must revisit. Because people who are familiar with this business on a global scale believe that the stagnation of aviation will last for many years.

Let’s look at the numerical behavior of the world’s two largest aircraft manufacturers. It is enough to see how he views the situation behind COVID-19. Aviation demand As well as the world in the future will drastically reduce.  Boeing announced a 50% reduction in production and canceled plans to develop two new planes in the next decade. So, over the next decade, we decided to cut production by 30%.

Before COVID-19 Worldwide demand for air travel predicte to grow 4.3% annually over the next 20 years.

until about 40,000 new aircraft will be produced globally. But this is now skeptical. Because of the power of COVID – 19 Over the past 6 months More than 5,000 planes around the world had to land on runways because of the epidemic.

Warren Buffett  , Investment Master Sold out of American Airlines stock and lost billions of dollars.  But I have to do it because I expected that if you hold it, it will hurt much more.

The poorly abandoned model is the giant Boeing-747. Capacity of over 300 passengers can fly thousands of miles. During COVID-19 The epidemic had to land on most of the runways, as well as the huge A-380 Air Bus, and Emirates Airlines, which had 242 747s, sold 115 of them in 2020.

Why is the aviation business so pessimistic? 

The first reason  is that the COVID-19 outbreak believe around the world, it is still in the first phase, one outbreak is not over in the United States. Many European countries, South America As well as India and especially Africa. 

Which has a total population of 1,200 million people in the population of 7,700 million people worldwide.

The second outbreak has already occurred in many countries. I am sure that around the end of 2020. it will happen again in many countries of both Europe and the United States. The COVID-19 vaccine is the earliest to release for some people, it won’t escape early 2021 and it will take almost a full year until 2022 for most of the world to reach it.

That people can fly across the country Many countries have a common view. That it is safe for their people and that many countries will see that Safety from COVID- 19  together is not easy. It will take years until  2023  or later to return.

Fear of COVID-19 It will be in the minds of the poor that they don’t want to fly long distances. 

Or even near Because the air in the ventilator is limited and has a high chance of contracting disease The flight demand is therefore slow to return. It depends on the success of each country’s outbreaks curbing which no magician can go to control them all.

Cause  2  domestic and international business travel Formerly a major source of income for airlines. It will drop considerably as online conferencing has become so popular around the world and will go on forever. Companies are thus saving money by allowing their employees to use online meetings instead of traveling.  They are also afraid of being sued by COVID-19 employees. From travel, and also seeking a COVID-19 sickness insurance company Difficult as well.

As for the travel for tourism Although wanting to travel internationally, fear of COVID-19 There is more As a result, many tourists are inclined to travel only within the country, which has significantly reduced international aviation demand.

“Travel-Bubbles” which is a contractual journey made between two countries or a group of countries in order to reach each other. Without detention may fall in the event of a second or third outbreak

Some  third  -virus measures only 0.1 microns can make airline has a large critical condition by the same IATA. Which prophesied so generous that the airline industry will recover back to the levels before the bull David -19 prior. By 2023, it is estimated that only 30 of the 700 airlines worldwide can survive. If not receiving government assistance.

The airline business is more sensitive to liquidity (cash) than any other business. 

Due to high costs  such as aircraft rentals Payment of a loan to buy a plane Fuel costs, salaries, wages, etc. These expenses have to be paid by many companies in many countries.

Missing predictions about the exchange rate, fuel prices, flight routes, aircraft sizes, etc. It easily get airlines in trouble when planes are banned. Flying because of the epidemic, therefore lacking income (cash) while expenses arise all the time. Especially large loan payments.

Major consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak That is, the cost of flying per person will be higher because (a) the law forcing seats. (Income Limits) (b) Accumulated Old Debt Causes Higher Interest Payments (C) Requires Travel- Bubbles Agreement, Makes Flight Limits (D) Environmental Laws Regulating Climate Change, Flight Limits (E) The original intense competition will be eliminated by demonstrating strength. The “monopoly” rate of the airlines that survive.

All of this in a way that increases air ticket prices. The heyday of low-cost planes has ended.

The dire forecast for the aviation business is based on the assumption that the first outbreak is not over and the second will return. If the vaccine comes earlier than expected.  It makes the people of the world trust that they dare to travel by air again The aviation business would have a new and more beautiful face.

People still get sick, why can’t the airline business get sick? This matter, the author empathizes and takes care of the sick, ” Thai Airways ”  of all of our airlines.