11 ideas to generate income for restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis

Restaurants are another business hit by the coronavirus outbreak. Inevitably We can see that many restaurants. Stores that are still open for service There will be a new service model to adapt to the situation,

ie, customers will not eat in the restaurant. But let customers buy them to eat at home Or provide delivery service instead To reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Of course, the income of the restaurants This could be significantly reduced during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Open for takeout and delivery service

Restaurants still open to customers during the COVID-19 outbreak Most of them are open to customers in the form of takeout and delivery services for customers to their home or delivery. Fast food franchises and restaurants around the world are shifting their service from sit-in to take-out and delivery. And received a good response from clients detained in the house. Can generate substantial sales More importantly, it reduces the risk of spreading germs between employees and customers.

2. Food purchasing and delivery platform service

For restaurants that are still open to customers during the COVID-19 epidemic Both in Bangkok And other provinces In addition to changing your own restaurant to be natural. Serene atmosphere Can increase sales channels By joining the app platform Various food delivery Because customers can search for your restaurant on the platforms of those apps and order immediately. Which you do not have to deliver to customers by yourself Just produce food according to the order that the customer ordered.

3. Raw material delivery service for customers to cook at home.

Many restaurants Shops that survive the COVID-19 crisis Will change the service model from sitting in the restaurant Changed to delivery, delivering raw materials to customers home In case the customer does not want to go home I want to cook for myself only in the house. The restaurant is obliged to prepare ingredients and ingredients for making special meals for customers to cook at home.

4. Provide delivery service, delivery without contact with customers

During the COVID-19 epidemic Many restaurants The shop will focus on providing customer service delivery. And to take home But the KFC chain in China goes one step further. The most advanced protection against the transmission of the COVID-19 virus is a non-contact delivery service. Both delivery staff and customers will have to stand 3–5 meters apart. This service is very popular with customers.

5. Adjust the shop area to be more Social Distancing.

In the event that the restaurant needs to serve during COVID-19 You may want to try more social distancing or more social distancing. Starting from setting the table to sit at least 1-2 meters apart, adjust the area to be open and airy. Receive a limited number of customers, not too crowded. Or set aside a standing space Not too contiguous And prepare utensils for individual use, for example, if two or more customers may prepare a personal serving spoon to scoop each person’s food as well. In addition, if there is an alcohol gel Or add multiple hand washing points The point inside the shop

6.More focus on selling food sets to eat alone

In order to prevent the spread Each store may try to set up more individual menus, such as smaller sizes or volumes. And arranged in a special set price set for customers to choose from many things to eat alone Such method In addition to helping to increase the safety of customers Also makes it possible to sell more products Instead of customers ordering only one dish or a few items for fear of not eating out Then you can choose to order in a set that allows you to choose many things While paying less And not too full

7. Cooking Chef Live Stream attracts buying customers.

Chinese restaurants use Covid-19 In fresh cooking For customers detained in the house to see To bring customers closer And know safe cooking procedures Until wanting to buy and eat through the Live Stream system or live broadcast Is a live broadcast Through video clips in your mobile phone Can be considered a revolution in communication That changes every area of ​​the world Can become a place to host fresh food selling fresh food without boundaries And communicate with each other in Real Time, the so-called Seconds per second ever. I think many people have tried Live Streaming through a platform that they are familiar with for a while.

8. No serving of reusable food utensils first.

Nowadays, the trend to save the world is important. But in the presence of COVID-19 That is out of control like this Saving both yourself and others is essential and most important. Reuse or refill can carry germs together, so restaurant operators may have to cancel the service first. Just like in Starbucks coffee shop, America uses plastic and paper cups.

9. Strict, double cleaning measures

To ensure safety and confidence to both customers and employees in the store. Operators should add more stringent cleaning measures. From cleaning the shop during the day and before – after opening and closing the store With alcohol spraying Disinfectant solution Requiring workers to wear protective equipment such as masks, gloves, stricter cleaning of utensils such as finished washing Then bring it to scald again By various cleaning and safety measures That added to these The shop can be posted for publicity or online communication. To build confidence for customers as well.

10. Make a Voucher to bring customers back to use when the coronavirus crisis is over

Another way to help increase the income to support the business in times of crisis is to try to make a voucher or special gift card sold to customers. To be able to bring back service when the situation improves. In addition to being a way to increase your income now To be used as funds to relieve the burden of expenses such as employee wages Venue rental, etc.

also guarantees that after the crisis has passed We will have customers to use the service continuously without intermittent. Entrepreneurs have to manage their capital well. There should be a reserve for capital after recovering from the crisis as well. In order to be able to open business operations and support customers as usual.

11. Organize social activities Free food, volunteerism Medical personnel

Distribution of rice and food to volunteer workers And medical personnel in hospitals across the country or in the area of ​​their own restaurants It is another way of conducting restaurant business during COVID-19. Because apart from we have made merit It is also another force in helping people working against COVID-19. 

All day and all night Although free rice distribution will not have any income But do not forget that our restaurant will be appreciated and kept by people who know it. Which those people may come to subsidize our restaurant later For example, in the case of ruined Zhong, who is currently cooking a box to give away medical personnel. Until various brands Come to support the activities as well.

All are 11 ideas to generate income for restaurants during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although incomes may drop somewhat during the crisis But restaurant operators can also modify customer service styles. To generate income for their own restaurant . To stand firm and be able to step out of the COVID-19 crisis This time possible.

You readers can follow the news. Every movement of franchise businesses and SMEs is fast and all around, you.

How to Work From Home? Keep your life balanced?

During the COVID-19 virus (COVID-19) epidemic, many people have to stop staying at home for a long time or work from home. Regarding food, sometimes it may not be able to choose a lot. 

As a result, the food menu may not be as diverse as it should be, which is actually a bad dietary habit. Let’s take a look at how eating well during COVID-19. How is that Along with the recommended menu And vegetables that help increase immunity.

How to Work From Home? Keep your life balanced?

There are 3 principles of good eating:

1.Eat hot, personal spoons, wash hands often, i.e. eating freshly cooked food If ordering from delivery Then choose to be able to warm up new meals per meal, day per day

2.Eat properly, nutritious for all age groups

3.Nutrients to strengthen the immune system

What is nutritious eating?

1. Eat a wide variety of foods for all age groups. The energy from carbohydrates should not be too much. Meat to eat in moderation But if childhood Elderly people who still need extra protein should get enough. And have fruits and vegetables at every meal.

2. Choose ingredients and collect ingredients to cook to suit the type of food. Will have fresh new food cooked every day.

3. Eat a variety of food. Because eating food repeatedly can lead to a lack of nutrients. Each day has 3 meals, 7 days, must have 21 menus, a month must have a repeat menu for sure. In order to get complete nutrition Or anyone who doesn’t know what to cook The Department of Health has created a sample health menu that can be eaten at all ages, which can be viewed on the website of the Department of Health.

4. Drink 1-2 glasses of fresh milk a day, especially children.

5. Infants to drink breast milk. The group that can observe symptoms or infection can breastfeed. But need to consult your doctor.

COVID-19: IMF expects coronavirus outbreak will cause major economic recession in nearly 100 years.

International Monetary Fund The IMF warns that the global economy this year will shrink 3 percent from the coronavirus outbreak. This will lead to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The IMF pointed out that this epidemic has brought the world into “Crisis unlike any crisis” at the same time also pointed out that The prolonged. Outbreak will test the government’s ability to control crisis situations. And banks of different countries.

COVID-19 crisis Making the Thai economy the worst since the Tom Yam Kung crisis 1997.

World Bank expects COVID-19 poisoning May drag the Thai economy down the second largest in Asia-Pacific.
Business upside during a downturn in the economy after the new coronavirus

IMF Chief Economist Kitakopinath said the crisis could damage the global gross domestic product (GDP) over the next two years at a price. $ 9 trillion (about 288 trillion baht)

“Big lockdown”

Even in the IMF’s World Economic Outlook report praised the response. “Fast and furious” of countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and the United States of the crisis occurred. But it pointed out that no nation would survive the economic recession.

IMF predicted that Global economic growth will rebound to 5.8% in 2021 if the pandemic eases in the second half of this year.
Mrs. Kopinat stated that the current “big lockdown” caused “Terrifying reality” for the policymakers of the country faced “Great uncertainty about the timing and severity of the economic stagnation that has occurred”

The IMF Chief Economist expects the economy to partially recover in 2021

“but GDP figures will remain lower than expected trends prior to the epidemic.” There will also be considerable uncertainty about the strength of the recovery. “
In the UK, the IMF predicts that the country’s economy will shrink 6.5% in 2020 from the previous estimate last month. Jan that GDP figures will grow at 1.4%.

Such forecast figures Considered the most violent in almost a century And more severe than during the global financial crisis Where the UK economy shrank by more than 4.2%

A program in which the UK government furlough compensation provide to keep them unemployed during the state’s closure. It is expected to help limit the unemployment rate to 4.8% in 2020 from 3.8% in the previous year.

Earlier, Mr. Richie Sunak, Minister of Finance Announcing billions of pounds to support workers’ salaries. It also helps to secure loans to enable employees and businesses to get through the difficulties during the city closure.

Terrible around the world

Ms. Kopinat said this is the first time since the Great Depression that both developed and developing countries are likely to face a recession.

The IMF warned that Economic growth in developed countries will not return to at least the levels before the pandemic crisis until 2022.

When the ‘economy’ is infected with COVID And when will you recover?

The COVID-19 crisis An unexpected epidemic situation Affecting the world, including Thailand today. How severe is the “Thai economy” this time? Are the symptoms more severe than other crises in the past? And how long will this scar be buried? Follow and read from this analysis.

As soon as the Bank of Thailand (BOT) announced the latest 2020 forecast for the Thai economy of negative 8.1.  This is because it is the lowest number on record and is heavier than the Tom Yam Kung crisis. This reflects the severe impact of COVID-19 on the Thai economy in a wide range. And many people still have no answer as to when the epidemic will end.

The root of this crisis is different from the past. 

This is often caused by the financial sector or the real estate sector. But this time, the beginning of the epidemic spread around the world. Until there must be strict preventive measures. Impact on most economic activities. Causing a lot of unemployment. If the global economy and the Thai economy are runners competing, COVID-19 is like a rock that makes all runners suddenly stumble and fall. Make wounds all over the place.

The question that follows is How severe is the wound of the Thai economy ? 

The symptoms of this wound are much more severe than other crises. In the past or not ?

The first answer was the size of the wound, this time it was considered large and deep, and  the big was the widespread effect. From people who are unable to live their daily life normally And businesses in both the service and industrial sectors that are experiencing a severe drop in demand Especially small businesses that were not already strong. The deep part is the severe economic contraction. Especially the tourism and export sectors.

For that question Are the symptoms of the wound more severe than the past?

The answer depends on  1)  the Thai economic health before the injury and  2)  the economic treatment methods.

1)  Czech economic health of Thailand.

  The health of Thai runners must be considered before tripping on a rock. Strong And having vaccinated against disease makes the chance of complications are less.  Thailand has strength in both the financial institution sector. That Thai banks have experienced the Tom Yum Kung crisis Considering that the capital funds on risk-weighted assets have continued to increase and are above the threshold set by the BOT.

It is possible to issue measures to aid debtors and to replenish liquidity for businesses.  Providing credit to businesses during the rehabilitation period Without having to worry that the bad debt problem will escalate into a financial crisis .

The business sector is also strong. 

Have less dependence on foreign debt.  And most of them have hedging against foreign exchange risk and the government sector that maintains a constant fiscal discipline. Public debt level is still below the international threshold, leaving space to support. Through the issuance of stimulus measures during deep wounds .

While the stability of foreign countries Of Thailand in a strong category . Considering the high current account surplus for many years. The high level of international reserves allows the BOT to cut policy interest in the face of high volatility of international capital flows. Or in other words, Thailand has high immunity in almost all aspects.

2)  Economic wound healing method  For Thai public health It must be considered successful as well. 

But it has a serious side effect on the Thai economy. This is because many parts of the economy have been disrupted. Causing a deep wound It is expected that the Thai economy will contract at its deepest in the second quarter, where Thailand has been using strong drugs to sustain its economy through the coordination of both fiscal and monetary policy. 

From past experiences Make the policy operator or surgeon know that Extending the patient pulse early in the crisis through monetary and fiscal measures, despite its enormous value. But it’s better than letting the patient get so severe that he needs to pump his heart to recover his pulse. Which costs much higher in the long run .

Adapting under a new lifestyle: turning the crisis into an opportunity “Time for a Great Reset”

          Recently, the WHO commented that COVID 19 could become an endemic disease. That will always be with us, just like dengue fever. Tthe world community must learn to live with this disease.

  With some patterns of daily life changing. Because social distancing measures create new lifestyle bases. For example, public health will become an important global agenda. Especially international cooperation in the field of medicine. A new world organization with more regional dependence (regionalization) and the role of the digital economy that will come faster with more flexible lifestyles.

          This crisis gives us an important lesson that. 

The use of lockdown measures is costly in exchange for life and public health. That health, social and economic problems are not separate matters. As well as we have seen important national resources are Strong cooperation power from all sectors In the future.  We should continue to use this force to turn this crisis into a Great Reset opportunity , combined with the idea of ​​the proposal of World Economic Forum 11 founder Klaus Schwab :

         1. Help reduce short-term impacts Along with long-term economic restructuring.

 The government should use this large budget to remedy those who have suffered to spread to the target audience As well as investing money to create new investment waves of the country to solve economic structural problems at the same time, such asThe lower cost healthDevelopment of tourist attractions and career by the community Project development under the 20-year water management plan (2018–2037) has been realized to address drought and floods that often damage farmers. Green city development Ecological building Developing labor skills and building careers Especially for local returning workers and those who lost their jobs in large cities. It helps to create employment and compensate for the impact of the crisis in another way.

         2. Reform of the economic institutional system contributing to sustainable growth. 

By creating an open and fair market system Free competition that creates incentives for labor to develop themselves And create incentives for entrepreneurs to invest and develop innovations to compete in the world market Public policy reform with the ultimate goal to address inequality problems such as increasing the efficiency of taxation. Along with reviewing the benefits for the high income earners Or enterprises that have the potential to compete and reform the social welfare system To cover informal workers Or workers working in new forms and extending labor in the system

          3. Arming the technology tools to support Thailand 4.0 to raise the bar for growth and keep pace with the rapidly changing world. 

Both public health such as distance medicine, education such as online teaching, transportation such as delivery services. And working from home To use this crisis as an opportunity to leapfrog knowledge and technology skills to the general public. And to develop the country to become a digital economy

         4. Creating awareness and participation of people in accelerating skills development. 

Apart from the people, they must help maintain hygiene in order to prevent the second outbreak. And flexibility to quickly adapt to economic activities under a new lifestyle base. The public sector has to accelerate the development of their own potential to be “Workers of the future in the 21st century” in an era where people have to work with more machines and technology.

 Workers must therefore be flexible and ready to learn at all times (lifelong learning). Especially in fields necessary for their future careers, such as technology knowledge. Marketing knowledge, especially online Foreign language Including entrepreneurial skills (entrepreneurship) to increase employment opportunities and increase income. 

           I would like to end this article with a well-known phrase by Dr. Viktor Frankl.

A famous Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist. who survived the brutality of a concentration camp: “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are. challenged to change ourselves. ”When we are unable to change the situation.  That means the time we have to change ourselves, ” which would be fine in the current situation. 

6 stages of consumer psychology analysis during COVID 19

Right now, the COVID 19 crisis has spread across the world. And produce new results Followed by many Good or bad What follows from this change brings new consumer behavior. 

As a result of this change, Nielsen released a series of information. By collecting from foreign retailers It was found that the consumer behavior patterns were changed in 6 stages, which this behavior could enable various merchants to The first 5 steps are what is happening now and one step later, he predicts that will happen after this. It is interesting that we can use this information to prepare for this kind of event that may happen in the future. 

Stage 1: Proactive health-minded buying

The stage to find safety for yourself The beginning of this stage is The outbreak comes from overseas or Phase 2, so it’s important to keep yourself out of COVID-19. From foreigners, Nielsen found that at this stage, the best-selling product is Products for health and wellbeing But when we return to the house, we will see that the product is selling well. In the beginning phase 2 is a mask. According to Maslow’s Basic Human Needs Theory, life safety is second in line, making masking a response to human survival psychology to the previously unknown. By finding ways to prevent yourself from getting infected 

Stage 2: Reactive health management

Must be able to survive With this phase being the third phase, people were panicking that You will be addicted or how to avoid the risk as much as possible. Data from Nielsen found that this step is to buy a mask abroad. But Thailand is the time to buy Hand washing alcohol Or a disinfectant product following an existing mask Even though the risk increases But people still have to live a normal life at this stage in consumer psychology. Many people began to provide more information that was widely transmitted. Began to know how to deal with or reduce the risk. With this psychology, the purchase of products that help you keep yourself safe in society has increased. 

Stage 3: Pantry preparation

Food hoarding when the super spreader occurs in different countries The number of infected people therefore sped from hundreds to thousands or tens of thousands in many Countries like the United States and Spain, the result is Fewer people decide to leave the house And planning to stockpile more food or order online At this stage, online products or various delivery Will grow strongly If the example in Thailand is an event that the state announces a lockdown People began to stockpile food Both instant food Drinking water or eggs Because the announcement made people worried that they would not be able to find food. So there was a lot of parade to retail stores or bought a dozen during this time. If anyone is running a business that offers online services and delivery, it will be very helpful. Because it reduces the risk of spreading the infection to consumers 

Stage 4: Quarantined living preparation

Preparation for detention at home As the number continues to increase, it does not seem to improve. The authorities therefore shut down some businesses to reduce the risk of an epidemic occurring. Online order Food delivery soared Including various stores Started shortage of certain products for a while. 

After Thailand encountered an epidemic from one place and ordered to close the shop in the first place. To reduce the risk of epidemic This effect makes people feel psychological then that When the store is closed Will cause shortages or travel difficulties In addition, the fear of not knowing how to do it safely. Because the control is out of control Resulting in more online ordering 

And now we can measure the efficiency and management of the delivery system. Various logistics Can be that it is effective enough or not Or some cases that may be seen through the eyes Some brands of courier services cannot deliver on time. Because there is a tremendous increase in the online order volume itself .

Stage 5: Restricted Living

This step is called Life is limited After the state has locked down. The people’s food is therefore deposited with various delivery services. Nielsen found that abroad, products Home delivery must meet sanitary safety standards to reduce the spread. 

In Thailand, we can see businesses in almost all circles, especially food, have evolved into a delivery format with complete promotions like Grilled food brands. At the same time in the crisis, many people have lost their jobs due to the toxic effects of the economy and from the state lockdown. Prices for food, delivery or some products are inconsistent, leading to online protests. 

And most importantly, when businesses lay off employees So they can’t go on living in the city. Causing these people to return to their hometowns The consequence of this is a significant drop in spending in that city. 

We should therefore ask the question How do we make sales spread to distant consumers? And does not compete in a field where there are already fierce competitors like food Instead, try adjusting your perspective to compete in a less competitive arena, but now essential items, such as home entertainment items such as game trees that are now selling very well. 

Stage 6: Living a new normal

New life When the COVID’s situation starts to improve or stop transmission. Nielsen predicts that people will come out to live their normal lives. But still have to be careful to keep yourself safe from disease .

With this outbreak, the lifestyle of the people has changed completely. Online trading (E-commerce) will become more and more common. As for the production line, there will be changes. 

For this 6th step, I anticipate that With the economic conditions that Thailand is experiencing. What will happen is Urban life will become more self-reliant. Products that are not essential to life can be difficult to sell or even impossible to sell at all. 

Adaptation of logistics or production systems to enable more efficient delivery of goods. And the Robotics industry will be strong because it can reduce the exposure. Can reduce human labor .

The emergence of COVID 19 has inevitably changed the world. And of course, with this epidemic, the cycle and the social pattern changed, as I thought it could never be back to. Therefore, learning the behavior of people is very important in order to help predict the stage of the human being. And make businesses Able to cope properly .

Are we dealing with a new normal that doesn’t exist after COVID-19?

It is believed that to this day everyone knows and understands the toxic effect of COVID 19 , its devastation affects everyone, be it psychological, life, and work. Relationship between human beings And the economy that has been affected this time around the world

And with various changes This has made many people look to the future in the coming months. With asking whether If everything returns to normal Everything will be fine or not.

Will our lifestyle change or not? 
How will our work be? 

Will we maintain more health than before? Or we will eat less food outside and turn to cooking ourselves. Because he discovered that cooking at home was easy Not difficult It also saves time and money, is it true? 

Various behaviors These occurrences are the New Normal or the New Normal behavior of our changing and different from the original, this New Normal will actually occur or not. Or is it really just a hypothesis that many Set-up.

In fact, if we examine carefully, we will find that What is today that we believe will become New Normal or New Normal I actually think it is New irregularity. As we have to wear masks every time we leave the house. They have to sit 1-2 meters apart, or even we have to wash their hands for 20-30 seconds. It is not common for all of us to do this non-critical situation. 

So this anomaly is what we are right. Forced to do It is not something we would like to do that goes against basic human behavior.

We divide human actions into three things: things that need to be done, things that should be done, what they want to do. Which, if possible Believe that everyone is doing what they want to do rather than what they should and must do it in order. So if asked if When we have passed the Covid 19 crisis .

Will we still wear the same mask or not? 
We will eat at home. And don’t go out to eat at the restaurant at all? 
We will study online and stop sending children. Go to school forever or not?
Or will we even wash our hands several times a day for 20-30 seconds every day?

All of these things, I believe the answer is no.

Because all of the above are all New irregularity It is something that we are forced to do at all, however, not everything that happens during this time will be abandoned and returned to life as it was 100%, I think it is not.

Another aspect that I think about the emergence of the COVID crisis is that it is a catalyst for the future to run closer to us than ever before. Pushing what we think is likely to happen in the next 3 years to happen within 3 weeks. 

We predict that everyone will be meeting on the computer from home in the years to come. 

We used to think that we would all know how to order products online for years to come. 
And we believe everyone will know about Cashless payments in the years to come. 

But everything has happened recently.

So what will be a real New Normal is something that really benefits people. Is something people want to do, not being forced to do it because the behavior. What is truly New Normal is not the behavior that happened. New, but a new idea and knowledge.

When humans have new knowledge We will learn to choose new things Good and useful to us and business organizations today I would like to invite everyone to look again. Look out for new opportunities from the New Normal that are coming up soon.

Businesses and brands Understanding and embracing new knowledge and ideas of customers will become new winners, such as restaurants serving food with chefs labeled paper. Body temperature And health status Will make customers feel safe Build trust in the quality of the restaurant Because these are the things that meet the customer’s new ideas on health. Or even an office that is only open for rent 3 days a week from 7 days a week In response to the new idea of ​​customers who believe in Quality over Quantity functionality, customers believe the efficiency of their daily work will not be better than working a few days a week at the office. 

Finally, I believe that the new changes are taking place. It creates more change to our thoughts and knowledge towards everyone than anything else. Behavior will depend on how you feel about the individual you want to do or have to do. 

Therefore, understanding the thinking of people after COVID 19 Also known as Post Covid19, it is important. People who can adapt to the new changes in people’s minds may become leaders in the Post Covid’s era .

When there is a crisis There is always an opportunity

But opportunities are like fish in a swamp Despite having many fish But fish will only be food for those who know the fish. And it is only a fish that provokes the hearts of those who can see but are unable to do anything.

So the opportunity belongs to those who see it. And always ready to catch it.

So is the opportunity this time. 

3 ways to avoid blackouts in work from home

Many people around the world face the problem of having to change their work style suddenly because of COVID-19 from the original office. Currently working at home Need to adapt to new equipment and procedures. The next concern of the supervisor is When employees work at home What can I do to keep my performance as good as before? 

Therefore bringing more and more work items to be completed Forget that long-term results can cause employees to experience accumulated fatigue from their continued work. And bring to the symptoms of people who have lost their hearts Finally the power to work .

Problems that working people have to face when Work From Home 

When people start working at home, they will encounter problems such as having to learn, equipment and technology that they never used, which made it difficult at first. Difficult contact with work is not the same as sitting and chatting. The need to respond to e-mails immediately, even after work or on holidays. Although that job is not urgent.

 The distractions of the home environment, such as child noise, dog noise, and finally, when the home and office harmonize into one space. Has resulted in many people starting to feel that time is inseparable. When should I work? When should I rest? Because every day in a sense becomes a working day. The holidays do not exist Boredom and not wanting to work, the long-term result is decreased productivity.

3 ways to avoid work-out blackouts from Work From Home

How do we manage to divide our work and personal life zones in this cubicle? Without losing life first, these 3 techniques may help you.

1. Start the day by dressing like going to the office.

It is true that the advantages of working at home are We do not have to be tired, crowding people for commuting to work. Plus wake up and work immediately But it’s not great if we work in pajamas like that all day. Because of casual dressing The feeling we will say is to stay at home. But when wearing work clothes means that we are ready to work. Therefore, each day after waking up, take a shower. Dress up in work clothes like going to work actually work, then take off the dress. By doing this, we can clearly divide our work and home.

2. Find the golden moment of your work.

Usually when we work at the office, we have a clear schedule, such as 9 am – 6 pm, with a good working environment and environment. But when we have to work from home Each person may have a problem with proportion, uncomfortable work area. Or disturbances in the house Especially during this time all schools are closed.

The child has to stay at home Which parents also have to take care of their children. It turns out that 9am – 6pm is not the time to concentrate on work like when you are in the office, so you need to find a golden time to focus on the important work of the day. It is the time when you will actually work without having to go to social media. Do not answer the job chat Free from distractions And inform the supervisors and colleagues for the same understanding

3. Focus on the most important work of the day.

A person may be able to do many tasks in one day. But our energy is limited. According to the research, it was found that People will be able to work extremely efficiently for about 3 hours a day. And must be free from interruptions or multitasking. But for people working at home, they will be pressured for reasons that we have to deliver As a result.

Many people focus on work that is done quickly, finish quickly, focus on volume rather than focus on the task that is most important. In the long run, employees are faced with an ever-increasing amount of work. Until unable to prioritize So start by focusing on the most important task of the day. And clear it to the end.

Although this era is an era of inseparable mix of work and personal life and the word Work Life Balance does not exist. It is important how we balance these two parts. But in the end, I do not want to see that our life is according to any era Because the physical and mental state of each person are different Looking and accepting yourself.  Without having to force too Will help us find ways to adapt in the way of each person Before they run out of power without knowing .

Effects of COVID 19 that changed the six principles of global social behavior.

We will fight together These are the words that many people hear or say during the global COVID 19 epidemic. More importantly, I think the crisis is just as serious as With world wars ever Because it destroys all sectors, people at all levels, unlike the economic crisis that will affect only one group or region, of course, after we can control COVID 19, this crisis will make a difference. The way of thinking of people both social and business forever. Which in my analysis is likely to have an effect on all 6 of these key areas. 

Change of Production

The way of world production will shift from The World is flat, which has led the global economy to this day and is one of the first factors that have made China a leader in the economy. 

The World is flat concept is to bring the product manufacturing base in the country itself. Move to a place where labor is cheaper anywhere in the world. So we see factories Relocated many production bases to Asia But with this crisis destroying production bases in Asia, the Western countries that are the destination of the goods There was an immediate shortage. Whether it is a product like tissue or any other 

I think that after the crisis, this idea might have to change. By having a backup plan if this happens in the future again There is a possibility that some parts of the production base may be moved back to the country in order to ensure the stability of the production in the country 

Change of Working

The way of working people has changed completely. With this outbreak, people need to stay apart or they shouldn’t gather. Almost every company uses the Work From Home system, resulting in less office space utilization. Which after this crisis ended I think many companies will use the Work From Home method more and reduce the amount of office space used. Or a more co-working space instead of an office 

In addition, this crisis will allow companies to see who has responsibility for their work. How does work efficiency affect employment? And will consider who needs to make the company survive This means that unnecessary people will not be employed. Or some positions are replaced by Autonomous systems or use more robots. Because no matter what happens, the robot will continue to operate at all times. 

Change of Stat

When a crisis situation that resulted in many unemployment. In the future, the state has to think about the impact of how it will take measures to help people. One of the things that people started talking about is the Universal Basic Income that pays people to continue living or the state welfare that can help at this time. Because of this situation, a group of people with no income or income disappeared. They cannot survive 

In addition, the state must also consider various budgets. For managing for the people that they can prevent or support the national foundations so that the economy does not collapse Or planning to prevent accidents that may arise in such cases how to prepare for the next If events like this happen again Whether it is training to deal with the epidemic Or distribution of various medical supplies To cover the area And not a shortage leading to an inflated sale Until changing the government system The bureaucracy is inefficient enough to delay coping and solving. 

Change of Living

From the Work From Home style, many people feel uncomfortable at work. Because of the environment Including various devices That are not suitable for work equivalent to the office Especially people who live in the condo Or rooms, which, with this awkwardness, will change the way people live. People will begin to feel that home is more necessary for living. People need space to live 

Therefore, after this, having a living space in the house, having a garden to walk, an area for work Including the relaxation corner in the living space itself will be a more important part of the decision to buy a residence 

Chang of Sustainability

When this crisis destroyed the financial, investment and consumption sectors of society, people had to think and realize that. If these things happen again, what will they have to do? Having a lot of stocks or investing In the future may not answer the question Because the market can be in a crisis at any time 

Therefore, people have to build their own security. Especially about food that makes people turn to grow crops More vegetables or people with larger areas may raise more feeding animals such as chickens. This can also result in more preparedness for incidents such as saving money for emergency reserves. Which causes the consumption of business to decrease as well 

Change of Behavior 

And lastly, human behavior will change drastically in different lifestyles to increase self-reliance. And look for a backup plan in case that happens Until changing the way of life itself, turning to the nature Or what kind of appointments are not necessary To be able to survive in times of insecurity By choosing to contact via online instead, which results in less travel Including the mind People are more concerned with being happier with themselves with the limitations of being able to go out. 

In addition to the six major changes that will happen after the crisis has ended. I think that one of the things that the whole world will see together is the restoration of nature, including PM 2.5 dust that arises from traffic pollution, various industrial factories. That will cause harm to the world and affect our own daily life. This crisis As a catalyst for a huge social change And no one can tell if society is headed for better or for worse. 

This time we have seen that in bad things there are still good angles. With kindness, fellow human beings without race boundaries, seeing nature return And more importantly, we are also aware of the consumption behavior that could cause this once more catastrophic event. 

It is that we will be able to maintain good things. That we have returned this time And change their behavior to support the future that will change this time or not.

Coronavirus: hot and humid weather kills the virus – can it really stop COVID-19 outbreaks?

Many people believe that tropical climates such as in Thailand and neighboring regions It is one of the factors contributing to the COVID-19 outbreak. Not as severe as in Europe and North America in winter.

There are several recent scientific studies supporting this idea. Causing the countries in the cold regions to bring together hope that The plague situation will improve as the warm season arrives. However Experts have warned that the new coronavirus may be unresponsive to changes in weather and seasons. As many people expected

Live report: sticking to the COVID-19 crisis declared a state of emergency for the whole country on the first day.

Viruses that cause COVID-19 How long can it stay alive on the skin?

COVID-19, probably “chimera,” contains two viral genes.

Why is hot and humid weather better inhibiting viruses?

Past studies on various strains of the coronavirus, particularly the SARS virus, which is a close relative of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Indicates that these viruses have epidemic behavior that change with the seasons. In the UK, the outbreak is more severe during the months of December to April each year. Which is during the winter with cool and dry weather Such pandemic schemes are similar to many influenza.

Sunlight promotes the synthesis of vitamin D , an essential building block in the body’s immune system.

A recent study by the Chinese medical faculty, published in the online Library of Medicine, medRxiv.org, identified temperature, wind speed and relative humidity in each area. Is associated with the epidemic rate of COVID-19. Another report, conducted by epidemiological research and consulting firm Ausvet, pointed out that regions with higher temperatures found lower cases of COVID-19 infection.

The team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Or MIT of the US An article published in the online journal SSRN reveals 90% of COVID-19 infections. Occurs in regions with temperature 3-17 degrees Celsius, absolute humidity 4-9 grams per cubic meter. While the country with an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius or higher And the absolute humidity is greater than 9 grams per cubic meter. In fact, fewer than 6% of cases are infected worldwide.

Although it seems that most of the findings give hope to those who have waited for the summer to arrive. So that more warm and humid climate will automatically ward off the epidemic. But most of these findings are preliminary studies conducted by comparing historical data of other coronavirus strains as well as predictive computer models. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak Which is an emerging disease It hasn’t happened long enough to tell the difference in each season.

However, there are some scientific explanations that might answer that. Why is hot and humid climate making it harder to spread than the cold and dry climate?

High humidity This caused the virus particles to be enveloped in moisture and dropped to the ground quickly.

The corona virus is covered with a fat layer. This makes it more responsive to temperature changes than other viruses. In that cold weather The shelled fat will harden and harden. This helps to better protect virus particles while outside the body of the organism. Compared to being in hot weather the fat shell will be destroyed.

The longer the virus can remain intact in the external environment. The more likely they are, the more likely they are to spread and infect people.

Another important reason is Winters in the northern and western hemispheres are often blurred without sun. This makes people deficient in vitamin D (D), an essential building block for the body’s immune system. Cool, dry air also decreases the amount of sticky mucus that the body produces, coining the lungs and airways. Making it unable to prevent virus attacks by default.

People in the Western world should not put much of their hope in curbing the epidemic in the summer.

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University in the United States, said that “the high humidity conditions are the same.” This causes viral particles that are suspended in the air because an infected person coughs or sneezes. Is wrapped in a very small mist Which this droplets will cause the virus to fall rapidly to the ground Does not drift for as long as in dry and completely still climates. Making viruses in humid climates more difficult to spread “

A pandemic could cause COVID-19 Independent of the season

Despite the many supporting factors that the novel coronavirus may not be able to spread as heavily in the tropics. But Thailand and its neighbors Including the people of the Western world who are eagerly waiting for summer to come The hope of a pandemic should not be placed in much of the climate.

Prof. Jan Albert, an infectious disease control specialist at the Swedish Institute of Karolinska. Commented on this matter “Although most of the coronavirus outbreaks in the past have been mitigated by itself. And eventually become a seasonal epidemic But pandemic viruses do not always follow this pattern. For example, the Spanish flu pandemic happened during the summer. Despite the fact that most influenza pandemic occurs in winter. “

“What remains in question is Susceptibility of the COVID-19 virus For that season Will this affect its ability to spread during the pandemic period? We still may not know for sure “

“The severity of the epidemic is not dependent on the weather alone. The virus is transmitted from person to person. Causing other seasonal factors such as human activity to have an important effect.

 For example, the measles outbreak is the beginning of the school term for students. The spread of COVID-19 From Wuhan to other Chinese provinces, it happened when people returned home during the Lunar New Year, ”Prof Albert said.

In addition, a number of scientists point out that The case of the COVID-19 outbreak In the tropics Although it occurs less often in cold regions But there are still many infections occurring. And the new coronavirus may not be as susceptible as one might expect, depending on weather and seasons.

Harvard University School of Medicine results in the United States Found that the spread of COVID-19 In the cool and dry areas of China such as Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces. It is similar to the epidemic rates in the tropics such as Guangxi Zhuang and Singapore. Which this information suggests Alone in hot and humid weather alone May not stop or mitigate the outbreak of the new corona virus.